Thursday, September 20, 2007

Power Rankings week 2

Ten teams are winless while 10 don't have a loss. According to all the people that get paid to do what we do for free, 0-2 means your season is over and if you are undefeated you will be in the Conference Championship game.

Is anyone afraid of the Lions cause they beat MIN and the Raiders? Are the Saints and Eagles done because their offenses haven't clicked yet? This we do know, the Patriots are going 19-0 and the Bills are going 0-16 evidently.
(Rankings are a compilation of the staff's picks)

  1. Colts - Until they lose they are the Super Bowl Champs
  2. Patriots - Cheat-i-cheat or whatever you wanna call him is a cheater and they cheated
  3. Steelers - Beat up on a sorry Bills team, rookie coach could hurt this team later on, although still very stout on both sides of the ball.
  4. Cowboys - Snapfu what? Romo and the gang are rollin. Still very weary of Bum Phillips.
  5. Chargers - Brutal beat down on Sunday night. Their coach is a dud and their quarterback hasn't shown he is ready for prime time.
  6. Bears - This Sunday could be for the Conference against the Cowboys, is their quarterback good enough?
  7. Broncos - Cutler doesn't need to win them every game, and with a great coach, solid running back and a stout defense this team will be around.
  8. Ravens - Major question mark at quarterback, and for that matter the whole offense. No wide receivers stepping up, and McGahee isn't lighting fields on fire.
  9. 49ers - Could drop precipitously soon.
  10. Packers - Once last hooray for Favre seems unlikely, but if the defense is as good as advertised they'll get to the wildcard then who knows.
  11. Seahawks - Will the real Seahawks please stand up? Bald quarterback aging running back, the defense and home field advantage are still there though.
  12. Titans - Scary quarterback and scary offense, but for different reasons. Who is gonna make plays besides that guy. And will Fisher and the gain not miss Pacman? "pssh please"
  13. Bengals - 51 to the Browns? Lewis could be on the hot seat in a suddenly crowded division.
  14. Redskins - Cambell went into Philly and won, he missed some throws and didn't have to do too much, but he got the W. Could be a surprise team.
  15. Texans - Not sure what to make of this team, probably just an early blip on the radar, but in the NFL anything is possible.
  16. Saints - Still waiting for their first win and their first home game. Titans will be a challenge, then a bye? Ouch
  17. Lions - Mike Martz Mike Martz, ohhhh we got a boner, he's a genius. Thanks for starting the Patriots dynasty you ass hole.
  18. Eagles - Shut up and play football Mcnabb. Did the media make you look like shit in prime time at home against an inferior division opponent?
  19. Panthers - One week Delhomme is good the next he sucks, what gives Fox?
  20. Cardinals - A year away, IF Leinart pans out, good thing he is in the NFC.
  21. Jaguars - Wait, Del Rio still has a job? This team could beat good teams and lose to bad teams, stay away from them against spreads.
  22. Buccaneers - Jeff Garcia?
  23. Vikings - This team is bad, but their running back and defense give some hope.
  24. Browns - Quinn's debut has been pushed back, we'll see if Derek woke up on the wrong side of the bed (talented side) for one week or he is the next Kelly Holcomb.
  25. Rams - Good fantasy team, bad NFL team.
  26. Giants - New York Giants + Tom Coughlin - Tiki Barber = no playoffs easy math.
  27. Bills - No offense, bad coaching, tough schedule, injuries, Patriots, oh my!
  28. Jets - Could have beat the Ravens to alter these rankings big time, but they're the Jets.
  29. Raiders - Late Surge?
  30. Dolphins - When does the John Beck experiment begin?
  31. Falcons - Byron Leftwich might not be an upgrade over Joey.
  32. Chiefs - Doh!

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  1. steve, the falcons signed byron leftwich not daunte caulpepper p.s. i love you