Friday, September 28, 2007

Bills talk week 4

by Steve

No power rankings this week. The Bills are 32nd and the Colts/Patriots are 1a/b. The rest of the league is pretty much in the middle, ya know either 2 or 31 it doesn't matter. Its not even week 4 and I am sick of the Buffalo Bills. Don Esmonde of the Buffalo News had a similar column in todays paper. I'm not saying I won't watch, cause I'll be at the game Sunday and I'll watch every Bills game till I die, but christ this is worse than work.

Then reading the sports section I come across this beauty of a quote from our very own offensive coordinator Steve Fairchild. "Edwards should benefit from a full week of practice as the starter, but Fairchild admitted the game plan will be scaled back a little.

“Trent hasn’t had the work or the experience that J.P. had at this point,” Fairchild said. “He’s a fairly new guy. so it will affect us.” Story

THE OFFENSE IS GOING TO BE SCALED BACK? What does that even mean? Only 4 pass attempts in the first half? No audibles at the line? 1-2 deep passes a game? No screen passes? No passes to a tight end? less than 10 points?

Seriously, if this offense can be scaled back more I might pluck my eye balls out and buy a Tom Brady jersey. The mere thought makes me sicker than back to back to back tequila shots with hot sauce.

Pretty much no good can come out of Sunday's game except Trent Edwards lighting it up and the Bills actually having a decent quarterback. But what that would mean is the end of JP Losman in Buffalo. I don't hate the guy, I've rooted for him to succeed. He has done good things in the city, and truly liked Buffalo. But if Trent plays decently well, or even wins you can't pull him. This team is going no where with the injuries and the coaching staff. Losman has consistently shown he can't win games and looks lost at times.

The Trent era starts Sunday, the only question is how long it will last.

Jets 21 Bills 14


After doing my job and researching this game a bit more, the J - E - T -S blows blows blows have the 28th ranked defense and the 28th ranked offense. It isn't a stretch with the 32/32 could beat the 28/28 at home in september. I mean c'mon this is the NFL. The line is 3.5, Chad Pennington?? Dude got boo'd at his home barn how could he be decent?

Their running back is over rated but maybe just needs a bust out game vs the awful Bills. Lets hope not. 3.5 yards per carry for Thomas Jones? True Baltimore Miami and the Gheytriots have solid defenses but its tough to score a lot of points with out a good arm.

Game comes down to turn overs and rushing yards.
Jets 20 Bills 21 !!!!!!

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