Friday, September 21, 2007

Bills Patriots Preview part 1

by Steve

So, the Gheytriots are going to win by probably 100, but perhaps the final result won't be the biggest story coming out of this game. Maybe Losman and the coaching staff improve just enough to shut people up for a week. Personally I have a good feeling about this game for some odd reason. Not a good enough feeling to take the Bills money line (which doesn't exist but is probably somewhere in the +750 realm) but here's why they could upset and actually cover.

Randy Moss is weak as peanut brittle, and I can foresee Ashton Youboty breaking this dude in half, well at least its a possibility. Plus, he hasn't played well in 3 straight games in like 5 years, how could he get consistently good over night, well besides a top 3 quarterback. Either way, fuck Moss, he's a little bitch.

The Patriots are made up of humans, and humans can make mistakes. They play in the NFL were anything can happen, even the Browns beating the Bengals and scoring 51 points. So we have that going for us. Plus the Bills have gone into Foxboro every year this decade any always play them tough, even Bill Cheat-i-cheat mentioned this in his Wednesday presser. Although I remember him always saying that. Does the dude ever look past an opponent jesus..

Other than the Patriots having pretty much better players at every single position, there is one position where the Bills can exploit the Greater New England area Patriots. RUNNING BACK! I don't like Larry Maroney, I haven't seen him do anything to impress me other than get hurt and rack up yards in garbage time. Marshawn Lynch with out a single iota of a threat in the passing game has managed decently good numbers, especially for a rookie. He could run wild Sunday, the Bills could manage the clock/time of possession and exploit those old ass linebackers. Plus we might have a better field goal kicker, albeit not in crunch time.

The final point to make is this could potentially be a trap game for the Pats. Granted, they don't get caught in trap games cause they're like stealth antelope beast modeing it past everyone, but like I said they are human. They had a big statement game against the Chargers on Sunday night and play another night game next week against another possible AFC Championship caliber team.

Bills 17 Patriots 14

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