Monday, September 10, 2007

Bills loss lingers

by Coast

Nearly 24 hours after kickoff and one nights sleep, and 4 hours of work later, the pain caused by this one has grown stronger by the minute. All that this organization does is cause suffering from it's fans and the fact that this team still has fans shows how good Bills fans are. Why anyone is still loyal to this franchise is mind boggling.

Opening day brought what it usually brings, and that is misery. A last second unbelievable field goal by Elam ended the Bills hopes at making the playoffs in the 2007 season. Yeah, it was only week one, but let's face it, the season is over. The Bills lost the game and half of their starting defense. Starting cornerback Jason Webster (Broken Forearm), Starting linebacker Coy Wire (sprained MCL), Starting free safety KO Simpson (Broken ankle). Wire is the only one of these three players who has a chance of seeing action before the streets of Buffalo are snow filled. The Bills are left with 5 healthy linebackers. Two of which include Mario Haggan and Josh Stamer...who are special teamers. At corner, the Bills are left with 4 healthy players. Ashton Youboty, Jabari Greer, and Kiwaukee Thomas have a combined 0 starts with Buffalo. It looks like Ashton will get a chance to contribute and maybe take the job that we all hoped would be his anyways. Our depth at safety is absolutely atrocious. Whitner, Leonhard, George Wilson.

The offense was bad. Losman had a bad game and for the day made us completely forget about the strides he made last year. 14-21 for 97 yards and 1 int remind me of weeks 2-4 in 2005. The Bills do not have a number 2 receiver on their team. WHO IS OUR NUMBER 2? WHY IS PEERLESS PRICE ON THIS FOOTBALL TEAM? EVERYONE NOTICES THAT HE SUCKS AND DOES ABSOLUTELY NOTHING EXCEPT THIS COACHING STAFF. HE IS AWFUL. How many more times does this need to be brought up? Since last year this was a concern. Everyone on the radio says the same thing. The coaches don't see it though and I don't know how. I am beginning to re-question the knowledge of this staff. I hated them in the beginning of the season last year. I started to like them mid season. I hated them in the Titans game. I hate them now. This coaching staff is a disgrace. Why, why, why, why is Anthony Thomas getting carries in crunch time when Marshawn Lynch was ripping off nearly 5 ypc (19 for 90 and a td). Nothing good could possibly happen when Anthony Thomas gets the ball. He is slow, not powerful and just not good. In the fourth quarter it is 1st and 10 on around mid field. Run left Thomas -2 yards, run left Thomas 1 yard, Pass Thomas 8 yds, punt. What are you trying to accomplish by making these types of play calls? Can you honestly think that the A Train has a better chance of getting you tough yards and possibly a first down in that spot than Lynch. Why did we draft this guy 12th overall if we aren't going to give him the football when the game is on the line. After all, isn't this why we drafted him, to help us win games? We would have been equally well off drafting Tony Hunt in the 2nd round or just Wright in the 4th round if we were going to be giving the ball to Thomas when the game is on the line. I know Jauron drafted him, but Levy, cut the tie man, release this guy. Fred Jackson is a much better runner than Thomas. Maybe Lynch needed a breather but not for 3 plays. Jauron wanted Thomas out there and had more trust in Thomas and that is a serious problem...a serious serious problem.

People can blame the loss on JP. It wasn't Losman's fault. He didn't make the call to throw the ball 60 yards when 6 would have probably gotten you a win. It is just another on a laundry list of bad play calls in the game by the Bills coaches. I am so sick and tired of this coaching staff playing like tight asses. Every single close game that Buffalo has a 2nd half lead they take the try not to lose attitude and it is pathetic. Even on Lynch's touchdown, it was a great run by Marshawn but it was a 3rd and 11. WHen calling a play you can't possibly be thinking that running the ball on 3rd and 11 is going to get you a first down. We were playing for the field goal and got lucky. Again, giving the ball to Anthony Thomas 3 plays in a row in the 4th quarter up by 2 is asking to lose. Hey at least we gave Aaron Schobel a 50 million dollar extension. In the final quarter, on 3rd and 23 at least your 51 million dollar man will be in there to try and make a play. He at least will be on the field...right? Nope. He stood on the sideline as reserve end Eric Powell was in the game. Why are you going to give a guy 51 million dollars if you are not going to have him in there during crunch time?

I will conclude with my favorite player. You all know who this is if you have read this blog. Robert F*$%&#$*@# Royal. When will this guy stop losing us games. ON our final punt of the game we pin the Broncos inside the 20. Holding, Royal...10 yard penalty, re kick, first and 10 Broncos at the 34. WHY IS ROBERT ROYAL ON THIS FOOTBALL TEAM. HE COST US 2 GAMES LAST YEAR AND ALREADY COST US ONE THIS YEAR. THIS GUY HAS A LOWER iQ THAN A ROCK. HE IS AN IDIOT. GET HIM OFF THIS TEAM. SERIOUSLY, GET HIM OFF THIS TEAM.

Finally, to put the frosting on the cake, 25 year old tight end Kevin Everett broke 2 bones in his spine and is likely to never be able to walk again. The injury is believed to be life threatening. Let's hope that everything is ok.

After 4 quarters of football we have a broken spine, broken ankle, broken forearm, sprained MCL and a high ankle sprain.

3 Wins? at best

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