Sunday, September 16, 2007

back from pittsburgh

by steve
  • Losman sucks
  • Schobel sucks
  • Kelsay Sucks
  • Jauron sucks
  • fairchild sucks
  • the wide receivers suck
  • the bills depth on defense sucks
  • the defensive ends suck
  • 3rd down defense sucks
  • the offense sucks
  • roethlesburger is over rated
  • the fans at hunt ketchup stadium are weak at best
  • the bills suck
  • being a buffalo sports fan sucks
  • only bright spots on this team are lynch posluszney and crowell


  1. my take...

    I have reached the end of the line with J.P. There have been times in the past when I was frustrated with him, but after the first 2 games of this season, he has reached a new low. I now feel more than ever that a quarterback change is in order. In past seasons, when he was at his worst, I would always give him some benefit of the doubt, citing excuses like poor play calling and awful pass protection from his line. I felt that if the O-line could just give him enough time, he could be an upper echelon QB in the NFL. After watching the line play in the first 2 games, I would say that they are the best unit Losman has been behind since he first started. Outstanding? No. But it is quite clear that J.P. is getting time to make plays – and he isn’t making any. I am sick and tired of waiting for all of this potential (one of the most overrated, overused words in sports) to come to fruition. The guy may be able to lead volunteers to help clean up the city, but he absolutely cannot lead a football team. Last week, the Kevin Everett injury took a serious toll on the team. This was the perfect opportunity for Losman to step up, rally the team through adversity and make a statement against one of the league’s better defenses. Also throw in the fact that he was matched up against another quarterback who emerged from the same draft class as he did and led his team to a Super Bowl victory a few years ago. How much more motivation does he need? Instead, we the fans are left with yet another uninspiring performance. There is no life to the offense, save for the emergence of Marshawn Lynch. Changes need to be made. Does anyone want to be sitting at Ralph Wilson Stadium in mid-November, freezing their asses off, watching another pathetic effort from the offense while the defense continues to bend at the seams before eventually breaking? In his postgame press conference, Losman did not shoulder any of the blame. He placed blame on the playcalling and the penalties (which there were 5 of). I think he said something about wanting to spread the field more. Supposedly, the coaches limit his ability to change up the play, which is a clear indication that they have little trust in him. Predictably, after he got slammed for his comments in the local media, he reversed his stance quite a bit on Monday, claiming (as he has numerous times before) that he is “the first one to say when [he] made a mistake” and that he is his “harshest critic.” Know what, J.P.? If you really are your harshest critic, you should be sick to your stomach by the way you’ve led YOUR team so far. That’s life as an NFL QB. When you play well, you get all the credit. And when you struggle, you take the blame.

    I don’t know when the best time to bench Losman is. Do you put Edwards in this week at Foxboro and “throw him to the wolves?” A lot of people who are far more knowledgeable about football than I am would say absolutely not, that would be totally unfair to Edwards. So I guess that means we’ll be throwing J.P. to the wolves one more time. I think it’s safe to say that no QB who is on the hotseat wants to face Bill Belichick and the Patriots in a make-or-break game. This isn’t Peyton Manning trying to get rid of his playoff demons. This is J.P. Losman trying to prove he is a worthy starter in the NFL. Could he pull off an incredible upset? Anything is possible. But I don’t know how much more of this I can take. If things don’t turn around against the Patriots (and does anyone honestly expect them to?), I want to see Trent Edwards behind center when the Jets come to town. The playoffs are out of the question right now. Might as well see what Edwards can do.

  2. fairchild needs to roll losman out of the pocket, if wr's are covered what can losman do? he needs at least 8 games if not the whole season. cleveland won't even start quinn and edwards was like the 10th qb takin over all, i would be shocked to see him be the first to start a game in the nfl

  3. Let me just start off by saying that I do not blame Losman entirely for the Bills offensive struggles, nor do I hate the guy in any way. I would love to see the guy succeed for this organization. The playcalling has been way too conservative and his receiving corps has had trouble getting open. As for the playcalling, that is something Losman, Jauron and Fairchild need to address right now. Like I said before, if the coaches really feel he is their starting QB, they need to let him have some freedom running the offense and let him spread the field. Keeping the reins on him does nothing except show their lack of faith in him. With the receiving corps, I don’t know what to make of it. CBS did a terrible job of indicating whether or not the receivers were getting any separation against the Steelers’ DBs. You were there so maybe you could tell watching the game in person that they were blanketed. Are the WRs completely lacking in talent and athleticism or have they quit on their QB? I did see at least five passes, all short or intermediate routes, intended for Roscoe, Lee, and Peerless which were very poorly thrown. On all of the passes, J.P. hung his receivers out to dry and they got lit up by the Steelers’ DBs. He may be able to throw one hell of a deep ball but he must improve considerably on his shorter passing.

    As far as Cleveland not starting Quinn, well, they just started some guy named Derek Anderson who threw 5 TD passes in his fifth career start. Maybe it was a fluke; Cincinatti’s defense is awful. They traded away their opening day starter, put in a backup, and he put up incredible numbers. But the point is they changed things up and it paid off for them. If anything, that just reinforces my opinion that they should put Edwards in. I have no idea how Trent Edwards would do if he started one of the upcoming games. He might play incredibly well, he might shit the bed. That’s just it. Nobody knows what to expect. I do know what to expect with Losman. I think the second half of last year I thought he was better than he actually was. How low have our standards become where we’re heaping praise on a 5-4 record to end the season? When Losman is playing at his best, he is a guy who will beat average and below average opponents and lose to top opponents. That’s at his best. I just don’t think there is anything more to find out about him. Hopefully he can prove me wrong these next couple of weeks. I really mean that.

    As far as the fact that Quinn was drafted in the first round and Cleveland hasn’t started him yet versus Edwards who was drafted after quite a few other QBs, since when does that matter?

  4. maybe fairchild isnt letting losman roll out or air it out like the rams used to bc the staff isnt confident enough to let him. JP says hes good enough but what are the coaches saying? ive never heard steve or dick-o say were confident with JP airing it out or rolling out. maybe JP is just blowing smoke up peoples ass saying hes ready and thats what the team is best at.

    im not doggin JP bc i like him and in no way is it time to bench him. give him the entire season then re-evaluate what we have but all this airing it out talk is only coming from JP and no one else really is all im saying.

    PS coast i own you