Thursday, March 6, 2008

2008 Buffalo Bills road trips

by Steve

Alright, I'm bored, and well the Bills season is 6 months away.  We are losing a home game to Toronto which means we only have 7 home games as season tickets.  The good news is, we have 9 road games we can potentially attend.  The Bills play @ Toronto, Denver, Kansas City, St Louis, Arizona, Jacksonville, Miami, New England, and New York Jets.

Obviously the Toronto "home" road game is the closest, at about a 90 minute ride.  But tickets will allegedly be $100+ plus its a stupid other country, fuckin Canada, and we all hate Canada and don't want to support that POS of country but whatever, i wanna go to all 16 games so we'll see.

@ KC
Trip distance: 978.26 miles. Time: 15 hours 17 mins
plane ticket $270 via Delta

@ Denver
Trip Distance: 1524 miles.  Time 22 hours 43 minutes
plane ticket $250 via Delta

@ St Louis 
Trip Distance: 743 miles.  Time 11 hours 43 minutes
plane ticket $270 via Delta

Trip Distance: 2259 miles, 33 hours 10 minutes
plane ticket $340 on Delta

@ Jacksonville
Trip Distance: 1040 miles, 16 hours 13 minutes
plane ticket $235 via Delta

Trip Distance: 1391 miles, 21 hours  28 minutes
plane ticket $300 via American Airlines

@ Jets
Trip Distance: 395 miles, 6 hours 35 minutes

@New England
Trip Distance: 454 miles, 7 hours 15 minutes

these numbers were provided via perhaps there are cheaper flights but this blog is free and I dont get paid. see you at all 16 games mother fuckers

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