Saturday, March 22, 2008


by Steve

The Dukies fell,finally, two day too late for most of us. The Big East right now is having one of the greatest tournaments in any conference's history. If the Huskies didn't choke they would be an incredible 9 for 9 instead of 8 for 9. "It's the Big East, expect hard fouls".

Everyone's biggest boner, Michael Beasley refuses to die against Beau Ryan, Wisconsin and Co. KSU beating USC pretty much destroyed my bracket, so I guess I'll cheer for them any way.

UNC looked pretty much unbeatable especially since I rode them all the way to the championship any way. Pitt vs MSU is a hugggge match up tonight. Izzo v. Dixon? Is that like Belichick v. Jauron or am I hallucinating? Can't over look Pitt in that game though. Neitzel is good but the rest of the team isn't as good as Pitt, plus they are a Big East team, which obviously helps big time at this point.

Don't sleep on UNLV tonight, or Marquette for that matter. Not saying they'll win, but I am saying Texas A&M will. UCLA needed to survive this weekend with all their injuries, and you know what? I don't see it happening.. Don't say I didn't warn ya.

Easter Sunday and 8 NCAA games? Holy mole-y big day, big day. Picking upsets is fun but at this point I don't really like any higher seed except San Diego. When was the last time there were 2 twelve vs thirteen seed games on the same day? Rare.

Memphis and Tennessee are vulnerable, but not that vulnerable just yet. Who knows what is going on with that Miami team, and of course I gotta rep the hood for Siena. The Maaaaaac? Got enjoy that run while it lasts. I know Albany is parting hard.

Um.. 30 baseball teams in 10 days? See ya later

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