Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Sabres win a shocker

by Steve

Holy mole-y what a win for the Sabres. Sure it is easy to blow this game out of proportion and say it is a turning point, or the day the Sabres rejuvenated themselves and their playoff chances. And well.. pretty much thats where I'm goin.

Who knows if the Sabres are going to make the playoffs or if they'll win the Stanley Cup, because at this point it seems like anything can happen. Especially after 6 goals in 16 minutes and more importantly, 4 goals in 10 minutes to not only knock the wind out of the Lightning sails, but completely blow them away and bury them 6 feet under. The team, the coach, even the Sabres and especially their fans had no idea what they just witnessed. It was a flurry unlike anything I've seen in a while and all were even strength goals.

Pominville and Hecht seemingly took the team on their shoulders, said "eff you all we aint losing" and threw 2 goals in the net in 16 seconds. A few minutes later, the all but forgotten $10 million man threw I guess three of his own into the net as Hecht added another for empty net purposes.

The Sabres have 8 games left and probably need to win 5 of those games and get a little bit of luck. They are something like 1 point out of first and really anything can happen at this point. 6th seed? 10th seed? All I'm hoping for, other than a playoff birth, is that their remaining games are half as exciting as the third period Wednesday and twice as consistent as the first two periods..

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  1. Toni Dudeman and Hendrik Talinder need to take a page out of the Weber Sekera, and Funk book of taking the body. What a suprise that Lecavalier (one of the best) is left wide open when lydmans on the white. Kalinan should never wear a 'bres uni again, and Numminen should start pricing out burial plots.
    -Rip Simonik