Saturday, March 15, 2008

Bills, Sabres, Bisons?

by Steve

Well, we finally have some closure. Bryant Johnson and was has become known as the BJ Fiasco has finally come to an end. He signed a one year deal with the 49ers on Friday. This pisses me off, but also understand able.

Apparently no one was really interested in this guy. He has never had an above average season, granted he has been stuck behind two pro bowlers but still, his best season was 40 catches 4 tds and 740 yards. Here is Chris Brown's take, on the situation(He's a blogger for the Bills):
The Bills made him a multi-year offer which was very competitive and would have rewarded him further had he produced like a number two receiver.
The Johnson camp was looking for a contract similar to what Donte Stallworth (7-$35M-$10M guaranteed) or Jerry Porter (6-$30M-$10M guaranteed) received in terms of pay per season ($5M per year). The problem is Johnson has never had a 50-catch season, never had a 5 TD reception season and only once has had a season of over 600 receiving yards.

Not exactly sure who BJ thinks he is, but he is pretty much a nobody. The fact that no one else was even bringing this guy in for a look tells the only real stored needed tell. He wasn't even getting looks from organizations before Al Davis and co. ruined the market for wide outs when he gave 3-knee-surgery Javon Walker a ridiculously massive deal.

Bring in DJ Hackett Darrell Jackson(who was recently cur) or Ben Utecht? Doubt it, but anything is better than going wide receiver at 11 then going tight end in the third round. Holy shit this sucks, the draft is basically ruined again because the Bills are forced to again go to a skill position on offense early in round 1, a major no no. The only bright side is that Marshawn Lynch turned into a beast and looks to be a stalwart at the running back position.(As long as he starts to be used in the passing game a bit more) We'll see especially since fans should have faith in the organization because as far as we know they haven't fucked up yet.

Sabres still alive? Tough to write about them lately, one minute they're hot and Dan Paille is pouring goals in like Mogilny circa 92-93 then the next minute they have 4 rookies on the blue line, Miller looks shakier than Bud Selig on capital hill, and they are falling faster in the standings than Shaun Alexander's career. Lets also give it up with, "this is a must win, this is the season tonight, etc" True Toronto and Washington have been gaining, but lets look at the facts.

Boston and Philadelphia aren't any better or worse than the Sabres. Lindy Ruff knows how to get his team into the playoffs. Many of these young players have played in pressure games the past two seasons, something a lot of players on Philly and Boston have not. The season will come down to to the last 3-4 games. The Sabres could easily finish the season 3-0 just like it is very easy to picture either the Flyers or Bruins losing 3 straight. That is a potential 6 point swing in the final week of the season.

So lets just hold off on must win, the season is over, and all that bullshit. As long as they continue to get points, play more like Friday night against the Hurricanes and less like they did Wednesday night against the Penguins, it will come down to early April.

Opening day is only 27 days away! Damn I wish we had a professional baseball team. At least beer is cheaper and you can basically sit where ever you want for $7. There are a couple positives. Plus rehab stints in the minors, sick prospects like Colon, Garko, Sizemore, Fuasto, Ben Francisco, and V-mart playing for a year or so. It is not that bad... I guess..


  1. understandable*




    it's okay steve we know you're not an english wiz

  2. Nice take on BJ, nobody is an understatement but not so good with the Sabres, that team has almost no chance at this point. Something is telling me that the Caps sneak into 8th if AO gets hot.

  3. you claim to talk about Buffalo bring up the Bisons...a minor league team....yet where's the love for the other championship team in Buffalo..the Buffalo Bandits!!!

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  5. I take my post back, the Flyers suck. By the way, fuck off smartphone, spam shit.