Thursday, March 6, 2008

Where is phase two?

by Steve

Where the fuck is phase two of the Bills free agency? I guess we got spoiled by the big trade to get Stroud and the signing of two quality players in Mitchel and Johnson. But what is going on here? The Bills desperately need a wide receiver a tight end and a few more positions. Russ Brandon even said they were gearing up for as he called it "Phase 2 of free agency". Well when does it start bro?

Ben Troupe was signed away by Tampa, Bryant Johnson has been sitting around with his thumb up his ass for a week, and the Bills have also brought in Mcintyre FB, McCree S, Courtney Anderson TE, and Troupe TE yet have not signed any of these dudes. I guess the F.O. has determined they either want too much money or just aren't a good fit with the squad. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt, but there isn't much left in FA that could make an impact in 2008.

So here is the question, is there even anyone out there for fans to even care about at this point? The easy answer probably is no, but I care about Bryant Johnson, I want this dude in a Bills uniform in 2008. Why hasn't it happened yet? True, idiot owners like Al Davis and his office personnel have basically ruined the market for WRs now that they gave $55 mil to Javon 'surgically repaired knee' Walker, but Bryant Johnson doesn't have the credential Javon has. So could he really be that expensive?

Then again there have been reports that no one else is really interested in BJ, this snippet is even more interesting, "Johnson visited the Bills on Monday, where in an interview with the team claimed to have a visit scheduled with the Washington Redskins. The Redskins have since denied having a scheduled visit from Johnson." So is anyone else even talking to this dude?

How about these players, Eugene Wilson, Ben Utecht, DJ Hackett, Tim Rattay, Gus Frerotte, Kris Wilson, Cecil Sapp, Leonard Weaver and Jerramy Stevens? We'll see what happens but everyone knows the Bills need to address WR, TE, QB and possibly FB before the draft, here's hoping its an impact player.

In other news, Takeo TKO Spikes got TKO'd by the Eagles today because he was making too much money. Wasn't that the exact reason the Bills traded him for peanuts last offseason? And how about the prognosticators all saying the Bills were giving up on a still good football player in his prime? Boo yah, here's hoping he doesn't go to the Patriots as rumored.

At least the Bills did sign somone this week, Steve Christie. Well, it wasn't so he could provide competition with Lindell, it was just so he could retire a Bill. I hope it is a cap friendly 1 day deal.

When is Losman going to be traded? I'm hoping either on draft day or the days leading up to the draft but something has to give and it better be before April 27th. (Day two)

SOMEONE GIVE ME A MOCK DRAFT! And a Bills 7 round mock (8 picks,1,2,3,4,5,6,6,7)

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