Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Buffalo Bills 7 round mock

by Andy

1. Malcolm Kelly (6'4 219) (WR) Oklahoma
Simply put we need a possession receiver that can go over the middle and allow Evans and Parrish to stretch the sidelines.

2. Calais Campbell (DE) Miami
Once was projected in the middle to late first round. I think he will drop and if he does the Bills have to take him. He is a big DE, he has a lot of upside, but he has motivation issues.

3. Martellus Bennett (TE) Texas A&M
This guy is a monster at 6'7. An automatic threat in the red zone for the Bills who last year were pathetic in the RZ.

4. DeJuan Tribble (CB) Boston College
Not a starter right away but can be used in our Nickle and Dime packages.

5. John Sullivan (C) Notre Dame
I know Steve hates ND but we need help at the center position. I don't think Justice will fall this far so Sullivan is our best option.

6. DJ Wolfe (SS) Oklahoma
Not sold on Whitner or Simpson. Whitner is not playing like a #8 overall pick.

7. Carl Stewart (FB) Auburn- Will have to get a little bit bigger but has great hands and I'm sick of the "H" back.

7. from Philadelphia- Darnell Terrell (CB) Missouri- BPA. Can always use CB
The Bills need to go WR with the first pick. After that though they have a ton of options. 2nd Round they might want to look CB or LB. 3rd Round maybe go with a C or LB. Then in the 4th they can go TE. 5th they might look at Schmidt, the FB from WVU. 6th and 7th look for them to take BPA and maybe even look for a QB. Is Gibran really a #2 NFL QB?


  1. A lot of what the Bills decide to do hinges on Bryant Johnson. I would have to think that the reason why Bryant Johnson is still unsigned is that he wants more money than he is worth. Thanks Al Davis. If the Bills do not get Johnson, then wide receiver is their biggest need. I agree to take Malcolm Kelly in the first round even though I am not a fan of drafting first round receivers. He is the best in the draft though and worth the 11th pick. The only problem is, the Bills are still in need of a corner. I like Greer and McGee, but they are a foot shorter than Moss. Moss will be in our division three more years. Talib and Rodgers Chromartie are 6'2. I would love to have either. Can the Bills get Kelly and trade back into the first round to get one of these guys? Or do they go corner at 12 and take their chances on James Hardy or Limus Sweed being around when they pick in the 2nd round? In the third round, tight end is a no brainer. Courney Anderson? I agree the Bills need a tight end and full back as well, but not till the later rounds. I think our D ends suck but they make 75 million. We aren't taking a defensive end till the fifth round if that.


  2. corner at 11 that should say...my b.

  3. My ultimate day one would be Rodgers Chromartie at 11 then taking a chance on Sweed or Hardy. Only problem is if they are not there and we don't sign Johnson ... we're screwed. There is a CB named Godfrey from Iowa that if Campbell isn't there in round 2 I say we take. He is raw but has good size and speed. Prob can step in around week 8 or 9 and hold the starting job.

    I don't like DE either bc we are paying our two dudes too much so drafting a guy high and having him ride the pine would not be ideal but if Campbell is there I think we need to take him. He has the size to play either DE or LB so he could possibly be there as a backup LB.

    It all depends on Johnson though. As bad as it sounds.

  4. a little raw? ready by week 9? christ thanks kiper III


  5. all i can say is, owen schmitt in the 4th round, trade up late 3rd if you have to. this guy is the perfect h back for this system. we all know that edwards cant throw over 15 yards (chad pennington syndrome) so why not just get a 6'3" 250 lb. bruiser that motors at a 4.7 40 clip that trent can dump it off to and can save some wear and tear on lynch.

    cb 1st round - talib
    wr 2nd round - hardy? guy has motivation issues. you know why?... cuz he wants to get paid, let him earn it.
    3rd. TE/ C
    2nd selction, 3rd round via trade - owen schmitt