Monday, December 21, 2009

10 Best and worst Buffalo Bills draft picks of the decade

by Steve

The introspective of the Bills past decade of futility has been all negative thus far(worst games, worst moves). Tough not to be with only one winning season in the whole 00's. So today we'll attempt to be positive sorta. Here is the best and worst draft picks from 00-09:

Worst draft picks

5. Willis McGahee 2003 23rd overall

The Bills didn't have their normal pick (14th overall) this season because they traded it to New England for Drew Bledsoe. They did however get a pick in the first round this year with the trade of Peerless Price to Atlanta. So instead of shoring up the offensive line or bolstering an offense that would go on to score the third least points in the league, they reached on a broken, injured, useless running back to ride the pine for at least a year and sit behind 2002 pro bowler Travis Henry. He was never the game breaker Donahoe anticipated and eventually talked his way out of Buffalo.

4. Erik Flowers 2000 26th overall

Great way to start out the decade. Bust city. Not only was he out of the league after five seasons he only played for the Bills for two. He had four sacks in his time here and yet still has better stats than Aaron Maybin's rookie year. (sadly he might be on a revised list in a few years)

3. John McCargo 2006 26th overrall

The Bills were in desperate need of a shutdown defensive tackle after not replacing Pat Williams the season prior. Instead of filling this gaping hole @ 8 with Haloti Ngata the nearly consensus pick at the time, they took Whitner. Since the hole remained they traded back into the first for this bum giving up their 2nd and 3rd round picks for McCarbust. Adding to the peculiar selection which was thought of as a reach by many prognosticators at the time was the idea that McCargo was traded to the Colts two years later. Of course he failed the physical and was sent back to the Bills. He continued to play for the Bills despite what the Colts diagnosed as bulging discs in his back.

2. Fat Mike Williams 2002 4th overall

This is what the Bills got for going 3-13. The guy was a consensus top 10 pick true but some times you just have to be smarter than idiots on television. It was between Williams and Bryant McKinnie. McKinnie albeit not a pro bowler still plays for the Vikings who took him at 7. Mean while the Bills were stuck with Williams until a short stint with the Jags in 06. He was out of the league for all of 07 and 08 and some how has started 6 games for the 'skins this season.

1. J.P. Losman 2004 22nd overall

The Bills were desperate for a QB. Blowdsoe was deteriorating quickly and Donahoe was desperate. Roethlisberger was just taken at 11 and the Bills were hand tied. They took Evans at 13 and still foaming at the mouth for anything that could throw the football. They hyper reached, traded Dallas their '05 #1 and got this bust out of Tulane. He didn't have the best of luck with coaches, injuries, or offensive line help but from the get go he seemed lost. He single handily ruined the rest of the decade for the Bills.

Honorable mention:
James Hardy, Donte Whitner, Josh Reed, Roscoe Parrish, Trent Edwards

Best draft picks:

5. Paul Posluszney 2007 34th overall

You find a better one. The Bills needed a MLB to replace an aging and overrated Fletcher so why not tap Linebacker U again? The early comparisons to Shane Conlan have been way too premature but Poz has made strides since the Bills traded up in the second round to get him. Some wanted David Harris or Jon Beason but the Bills chose Posluszney. After a series of injuries and broken arms it appears the dude is legit. He racks up mad tackles and has interceptions in consecutive games. Look for him to improve if he stays healthy.

4. Lee Evans 2004 13th overall

Despite having little to no discernibly talent at the quarterback position Lee Evans has consistently put up decently good stats. He has averaged more than six touchdowns per season and has the game breaking speed most teams desire. Again his stats aren't great but he hasn't missed a game in his career and has been working with basically garbage throwing him the ball and garbage lining up on the opposite side of the field. He routinely faces double teams and got paid big time last season. On a better team he is a pro bowler.

3. Aaron Schobel 2001 46th overall

Most Bills fans take Schobel for granted and underrate him. Maybe it is because he only has 14.5 sacks in his last three seasons. But he might be a bit underrated because he is one of the few players on the team that was a legit probowler at some point in their career and he had 45.5 sacks during a four year stretch.

2. Nate Clements 2001 21st overall

Most people remember Clements for being a me first pretty boy but isn't that how most star CB's are? True he probably cost the Bills a victory in the '04 opener when he went for the pick instead of knocking the ball down against the Jags and said afterward he would do the same thing but he was a play maker. He had a TAINT against the Steelers in the '04 finale if you recall. Oh and he got paid big time by the 49ers a few years ago.

1. Terrence McGee 2003 111th overall

One of the rare late round picks to significantly contribute to the Buffalo Bills this decade. A rare talent that can play shutdown CB and has a knack for returning kickoffs. For a few years he was the most feared returner in the game while also taking on the #1 WR. His role has been reduced in recent years to solely cornerbacking but you can still count on this guy to keep the opposing wide receiver largely in check.

Honorable mention:
Sammy Morris, Kyle Williams, Jairus Byrd


  1. Poz!?!?!?!? The 5th best pick of the decade?!?!? I know we don't have many but he needs to show he can play a whole season before he gets this

  2. there is a dearth of good draft picks this decade, what do you want from me? the criteria was position taken, money made years in the league and pro bowls


  3. Clements was easily the best pick. Mike Williams has to be the worst pick because of spot taken. Honorable mention the 2000 "Butler," draft. Jonas Jennings was a decent player. Aaron Maybin, Eric Wood, and Andy Levitre seemed destined for the list.

  4. jonas jennings travis henry get some bitches

  5. Justin Bannan started 15 games last year for Baltimore. Jim Leonhard got money from the Jets. Jason Peters is a stud. Yet these players weren't good enough for the Bills?

  6. Edwards is awful but how was that a bad pick? You take a QB after the 1st rd and they look like a viable backup it's a hit.

  7. edwards was a bad draft pick cause we didn't need a back up at the time we could have gotten a journymen or taken a QB that played in the cold or north or in the BCS conferences, we didn't draft Jason Peters


  8. The point that he wasn't good enough according to Bills fans or worth the money. Remember hearing people state "if he wants a new contract trade him." While nobody cares when NFL teams don't honor contracts. If the point is any QB taken after the 1st rd is a bad pick I agree. Getting a backup QB is what you get after the 1st rd. Aaron Maybin has to be on the list.