Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Festivus

From all of us at WNY Watercooler we would like to wish you all a happy Festivus. A fantastic Festivus Miracle would be if the Sabres beat the Capitals Wednesday night in Washington but we won't push our luck. We do have a lot of problems with you people but for now we'll air just a few grievances:

  • Ralph Wilson, sell the team to a local ownership group, or at least a minority stake.
  • Russ Brandon bring in a real GM and hire a real head coach not Haslet or Zorn.
  • Darc trade Vanek
  • Miller, uh you're a stud just don't wear yourself out in the Olympics
  • Fewell for god's sake play Brohm Sunday you aren't getting the job any way
  • MLB institute a salary cap.
  • NBA fold
  • Jeff Quinn stick around UB Football for at least 5 years and recruit some 2 and 3 star talent.
  • Bass Pro build already
  • Peace Bridge, eh fuck it
  • Readers buy our shirts and tell your friends about us
Next is the feats of strength...

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