Thursday, December 31, 2009

Buddy Nix Buffalo Bills new GM

Per Adam Schefter

"Buffalo is on the move. Bills hired Buddy Nix as GM and Russ Brandon as CEO."

Nix's job with the Chargers was to oversee both pro and college scouting and to be one of the main decision makers in each NFL Draft. Nix was a major reason the Chargers turned around from a losing football team to a rebuilt, winning team.

Number of San Diego Chargers Pro Bowl Players drafted under Nix:

2004 3 Pro Bowlers
2005 6 Pro Bowlers
2006 11 Pro Bowlers
2007 8 Pro Bowlers

Nix is considered by some to be one of the top 5 talent evaluators in the NFL. The Chargers have won 4 out of the last 5 AFC West Titles with Nix as Assistant GM and Director of Player Personnel, in charge of college scouting and instrumental to the decision making process of their NFL drafts.

Nix's career has spanned from star college player and award winning college football coach, to scouting in the NFL for the Bills and finally as a Front Office Executive with the Chargers.

Nix is all football. He has a list of head coaching candidates but to date wasn't involved in any interviews or search itself. One would have to think, any rumors previously are now out the window as Nix will be choosing the next head coach.

He seems to believe in retaining talent and not spending big in free agency. The guy was an inside hire but he isn't Modrak and Guy. He said he is going to review all aspects of the football operations and there could be shake ups. Schottenheimer Rivera, they I would say are an option. Don't look for Cowher.


  1. Janis would you consider Nix a "real" GM? Have your prayers finally been answered? Are you guys going to break down this hire in a special edition thirty-minute podcast?

  2. this is a real GM, the next aspect is a real head coach. no haslett i know that.


  3. Your article suggests that these were the number of pro bowlers DRAFTED in given years. It should more clearly indicate that these were the number of pro bowlers SELECTED to pro bowl that given season from SD -- many of whom had repeat appearances (e.g. Antonio Gates, LT, etc.) SD didn't even HAVE 11 draft picks in 2006. SD actually had 9 select in 2007 season, but a couple those were injured.