Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Buffalo sports 2009 in review

by Steve

Some how we trick ourselves into think each year that this year can't get any worse than the prior year. 2009 was different. Jauron was retained as head coach before the end of last year. That news alone made a skeptic out of most for the coming year's prospects. Furthermore, the Sabres were scuffling in mediocrity with over priced players and little results. Basically we knew it was coming.

Our nightmares came to reality in 2009. The Bills are a borderline laughing stock, the Sabres finished 10th in the conference and did little to nothing in the offseason to pique interest. True they are doing well now but the season isn't even 3 months old.

There were a few bright spots:

The signing of Terrell Owens and his reality show. The Owens experiment was a C- although the Bills front office would probably grade it a B+ for marketing. He didn't put up big numbers but it is tough to make plays when your quarterbacks blow. The writing was on the wall in preseason so it wasn't a big shock any way.

UB sports. The Bulls played in a bowl game for the first time ever. Although they lost. Oh and their best player, James Starks didn't even play a down due to injury in 2009. Well, on second thought it is tough to say they were a bright spot. The 2009 season was a complete flop and Gill left the program. The basketball team did get to the MAC Championship although they got curb stomped and didn't get a sniff by the selection committee.

Holy shit, there were no bright spots. What an awful awful year. Could we even rank the bad years in Buffalo sports any more? They just seem to all blend together in failure heart break and suicidal thoughts. You just gotta wonder where the bottom is.

Here are some quick hits from 2009 in case you forgot

2010, Buffalo is due. We get the NCAA tournament, we get the World Juniors, new head coach, new GM, the Sabres look good. Gotta stay positive people.


  1. Holy crap you are right, this was an awful year. Don't realize how much bad went down until you see it all on one big list.

    Gotta give UB hoops some credit though...that MAC championship was a big surprise, even if nothing really came of it.

  2. This quote from you Steve, will never leave my mind; "Gotta stay positive people."

  3. This quote from you Steve, will never leave my mind; "Gotta stay positive people."

  4. it was sarcasm