Monday, December 14, 2009

Buffalo Bills 16 Chiefs 10 F

by Steve

GREAT the Bills win when we want them to lose and lose when we want them to win. Not much to take out of this boring game other than a few things.

  • Why does Aaron Maybin celebrate every tackle like he just won the Super Bowl?
  • Where was Lynch the first 11 weeks of the season other than being suspended?
  • Ryan Fitzpatrick sucks, there is absolutely no reason to continue to trot this guy out on to the field. At best he is a back up QB at worst he is a great water boy.
  • Jairus Byrd is a beast ball hawk even though it would have been better if he didn't catch that INT. Although George Wilson did rip an INT from him on that hail mary pass.
  • Did Kansas City really try extra hard to sell out the stadium for that game? Yikes.
  • KC is a worse team than the Bills ouch.
  • The what if game is useless but what IF we beat JAX and the Browns?
  • How the hell did Dick Jauron make it past the Houston game?
  • FYI Orakpo had 4 sacks yesterday alone.
  • How can James Hardy and Steve Johnson not even be seeing the field at this point? What is dressing Josh Reed accomplishing.
  • If the draft was today we would have the 11th pick.
  • Anyone else see us going 7-9 and getting the 12th pick? Anyone not seeing that?
  • Give me a W this week against the Patriots and lose the last two.

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