Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Trent Edwards interview

by Steve

Obviously it is nearly impossible to talk about the Bills at this point without mentioning Marshawn and his ability to mow over broads on Chippewa/Delware but here is a Trent Edwards video from

Actually I'm going to address the situation. It is quite infuriating/distracting/interesting/bothersome/troubling. It is taking wayyyy too long. WTF. Marshawn give someone anyone the scoop or something thing I/we are dying. If he misses part some or all or anything of the season I'll be suicidal or piss angry upset distraught I'll be something. WTF. We have the potential to be something other than mediocre and some bitch from Toronto gets mowed over when everyone is drunk on a Friday night wtf. This sucks.

It is impossible not to bring comparisons to Lance Briggs. Everyone remembers he drove his Lamborghini into a side rail flipped it and basically wrecked it. He got off with a fine a year of supervision whatever that means. Yes Marshawn or someone in his diggs swiped a bitch but it isn't really that much different. He left the scene of an accident and it is only a misdemeanor.

I see him missing 2 games paying a fine and a year probation. If it is worse than that I might shut down the blog kill everyone and drive to Roger Goodell's crib, or just wish Marshawn was smarter, whatever, but I figure he was driving, he has a good lawyer, and won't pay too steep a penalty. He is an asshole if he was driving or was in the car, but oh well, she is fine, that is how people react when they are drunk, and shit happens. Don't let it happen again, don't miss more than 2 games, and pay for a driver.

Oh and one other thing.. faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuuuuckkkkkkk fuck


  1. first this?
    we're slowly devolving into the Bengals

  2. It's a team of misfits. I like it.


  3. "swiped a bitch?"
    Wow how childish. You have no idea what happened but because she got hit by your precious football player she is a bitch?
    Wow. Just wow.