Friday, June 20, 2008

Tyler Myers Buffalo Sabres @ #12

Tyler Myers 6-7 202

"Big, Big, BIG. What else can you say about Tyler Myers, he is an absolute giant, the first comparison that comes to mind is Zdeno Chara who only has one inch on Myers as it is right now. Like most young players he needs to and will get a lot bigger, absolutely not afraid of contact and will drop the mitts. Is extremely mobile for somebody his size and his untapped potential and unique physical assets are what have him ranked so high. He is a great skater, but does make some very questionable decisions with and without the puck. May not be as gifted as the other four leaders on his Kelowna squad of Schenn, Long, Benn, Barrie. But again his size and skating ability are just too good to pass up."

Dude is tall, is either a ginger or a blond, super tall and lanky. Dude could be Chara without the eating babies part. Sabres traded up to #12 for him and gave up a 3rd in 2009. Doubt he'll see the squad this year maybe late next year

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