Monday, June 9, 2008

Buffalo Bills news and.. Quinn Gray?

by Steve

Few things to touch upon today. Lee Evans was on First Take on ESPN (video below) and wants a piece of the Patriots, umm god damn it we gotta play them twice? Marshawn Lynch's lawyer spoke with the DA for about five minutes today sans Lynch. Quinn Gray ex Jaguar and recent Texan was cut today. Oh and Bills duckets.. hot hot hot!

So Lynch's lawyer spoke for about a hot minute and nothing was settled. Marshawn was smartly not present. That is why you have a lawyer in this situation any way isn't it? My guess is a misdemeanor slapped on him this week, a small fine and then a big fine from the cunt from Canada. Obviously we should all be much more worried about Roger the dodger Goodell and what he'll do. My guess is because this is a first time offense since being in the League, he will get a stern warning.. at least i'm hoping and not just grasping at straws.

Quinn Gray released, "
The Texans, however, did not think that Gray fit their system and opted to take younger talent into training camp, including seventh-round draft pick Alex Brink and second-year pro Shane Boyd.

“I just thought from a fit standpoint it makes more sense for us to let him go,” Smith said about Gray. “I still think he is a quality NFL quarterback and I think he’s going to be successful."

Ok, now lets trade losman and ink this dude. The problem from the beginning of the offseason was a real lack of quality back up QBs on the market. Now there is one, he was recently cut, only signed a 1 year deal with the Texans in the first place, and could probably be had for a few years and not much jack. I'd be willing to move Losman for a 4th or 5th at this point if we inked Quinn. Maybe he wants a shot at starting, but he wouldn't have gone to Houston in the first place if that was really what he was looking for. What was the likelihood he would get any PT in H-town? About as much as Buffalo I'd say.

2 games are left for individual tickets? Whoa! 52,000 season tickets and only the Patriots and 49ers games are left. Good call on my part copping 5 earlier this year.

In other Marshawn news, he got corrective eye surgery on Friday. Now that he can see I feel like he won't be mowing chicks over and he will be mowing more linebackers over. I love it.

Oh and that gap toothed antler mouth Strahan retired so Bruce Smith's sack record is safe at least for a while.

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  1. Oh come on. Give me a break.
    You are willing to move JP(Future HOFer) for a 4th round pick and pick up Quinn effin Gray? You really think a 4th rounder is enough to make up for the drop at backup QB we take.
    For whatever downsides JP(Future HOFer) has, he is still better than Quinn Gray. He knows the system, and we get a 4th or better in the supplemental next year anyway.

    -Saint Fu