Thursday, June 12, 2008

shit has hit the fan (marshawn lynch supoena)

Buffalo Bills owner Ralph C. Wilson Jr., chief operating officer Russ Brandon, three other Bills officials and three players are expected to be subpoenaed to tell an Erie County grand jury what they know about the hit-and-run accident involving running back Marshawn Lynch's vehicle.

The players being issued subpoenas are Bills rookie wide receivers James Hardy and Steve Johnson and second-year offensive lineman Christian Gaddis, law-enforcement sources said late this afternoon.

Besides Wilson and Brandon, the three team administrators being subpoenaed are Chris Clark, the team's security director; Paul Lancaster, director of player programs; and Bob Schultz, who works with the team's security force.



  1. Better teams seem to have a lot of off-field distractions. So maybe this is a sign of good things to come.

  2. I second is the point of subpoenaing Ralph Wilson? It makes sense that Stevey Johnson, James Hardy and Lynch were all rolling together. Question them. What are they going to get from Ralph. The dudes 89. You think Marshawn is filling Ralph in with what he does on Chippewa at 3:30 am? I doubt it.

  3. Typical conversation between Marshawn and Ralph...

    Marshawn: "Yo Ralph, Hardy just scored us some real good herb. You wanna toke?"
    Ralph: "Yes Marshawn. Please pass me the doobie."

  4. who are all these g unit wannabees posting i run this web site and new york...... neways yanks making a run who called it?? any1 think rocco can take out tiger today?