Thursday, June 5, 2008

LA Lakers vs Boston Celtics preview

by Steve

Alright, truth be told I'm not the biggest NBA guy around. I tried to watch both conference finals and kind of failed. I came around on college hoops about a year ago maybe this is my time to get into professional hoops. But the high salaries, the death march of 82 game meaningless regular season, the home team winning seemingly every home playoff game and mediocre at best officiating. Oh and I hate Kobe and aren't big on the Celtics cause Boston seems to be winning everything. Butttt did ANYONE anyone notice I picked the Red Wings in 6!??! Boooo yah

This series is going to come down to the stamina of the Celtics old threesome and if Kobe, Phillip and co can win the big one with out Shaq. The Lakers do have 15 rings on the squad while Boston only has something like 1 so that obviously gives the Minnesota Lakers an advantage big time.

The Celtics won the most games in the regular season and are borderline impossible to beat at the 'new' Garden and they have home field advantage in the series. They got like a month off since they slayed the Pistons. That should help the old dudes get back some of their energy for what is guaranteed to be a grueling 7 game series the cross continent flights not withstanding.

Kobe is still a year away. He took the league over this year and decided he is the best player in the association. But I just don't see him being ready to take the whole thing in his first real attempt since THE DIESEL peaced to Miami. Plus the big three or whatever have got to be more hungry. They know this is one of if not the last opportunities for them to win the whole thing. They can play defense, rebound, and have three players instead of just one and Pau.

Celtics in 7 book it. Wait did I really just take Glenn 'doc' Rivers over Phil Jackson and Paul Pierce over Kobe Bryant? Yes.. I did. Who else picked the Red Wings to win their 4th game in Pittsburgh in Heinztown?! Thats right I did. Call your bookie head to Vegas, just put loot on the Celts.

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