Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Jerry Manuel heir to the shit thrown

by Steve

I guess a team that wins three of four is a game under .500 and six games back of first on June 16th is under achieving . Throw in the fact that they have the second highest pay roll and they are considered a complete bust. I guess because Willy Randolph couldn't get it all out of players like Pedro Martinez ($11 mill), Delgado ($16 mil), Wagner ($10.5 mil), Alou ($7,5 mil) and El Duque ($7 mil) he deserved to get fired. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaa?! Absolute Horseshit.

Pedro and El Duque who make a combined $18 million have made 4 starts combined in 2008. Alou and Delgado have a combined 41 rbi's this season while combining to make $23.5 million. Someone tell me again why they believe this team is ready to compete for a World Championship and should be considered 'great'? Castillo sucks, Beltran is a middle of the road player who was hot for about 18 minutes err months a few years ago, Reyes is a head case, Ryan Church has been sidelined a chunk of the season, and Brian Schneider who hit .215 in May and is hitting a whopping .241 in June, a far cry from Lo Duca's near .290 average the past two seasons.

Where has this team improved over last year? Other than Santana, who was brought in and realistically was going to improve the team over 2007? Delgado and Luis are a year older and slower, same goes for Alou, did anyone expect Schneider to become Mike Piazza? Even Ryan Church wasn't any upgrade over Milledge or Green. Sure he was playing outstanding before the concussions but he never hit over .278 or had more than 15 home runs in a season and thusly couldn't have been considered some kind of savior for the '08 Mets.

It just makes no sense to fire Willy Randolph. No one could have managed this team to anything other than mediocrity. Reyes and Beltran are over rated BIG TIME, the faster people realize that the better off everyone will be. This team was a hit away from the World Series and probably winning it all two years ago. Who was up to bat? Beltran, who struck out looking, pathetic. The best batting average on the team is .289! Even god himself David Wright is having a subpar season.

Yeah yeah Johan Santana Johan Santana! He is only one person, and is 30, and moving to a new league. He hasn't been great and hasn't been the solution but he certainly hasn't been the problem.

No offense to Jerry Manuel, who managed the Chisox to a division title eight years ago, but what is the point of changing the captain when the ship is already sinking? No one can get blood from a stone, but evidently Omar Minaya, who according to himself was the only person that made this decision (although it quite evidently seemed like that was patently false), expected Randolph to do just that. So good luck Jerry Manuel cause you're going to need it.

ps fuck Boston

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  1. steve phillips, former mets gm, "when a club signs a middle reliever it's a gm decision, when a club signs a 50 million dollar player, it's organizational decision".

    I don't know how you figure it's only Omar's fault. Mets suck!