Friday, June 27, 2008

Free at last oh Free at last

Almost a month after Marshawn Lynch's SUV was impounded for suspicion of being involved in a hit-and-run accident, the Bills running back accepted a traffic violation in which he was fined the maximum of $100 and had his New York State driver's license revoked.

In a written statement Lynch admitted he was driving his car the night of the accident, but did not believe he had hit the victim Kimberly Shpeley.

"When I was making a left turn from Chippewa onto Delaware a woman came into the road," Lynch stated. "This woman was dancing and spinning around in the crosswalk. I slowed down for her and when she went by I proceeded down Delaware Avenue."

Later in his statement Lynch said following the police investigation and the investigation by his own attorney's office that he must have in fact struck Shpeley.

"I am sorry that Mr. Shpeley was struck and injured," read Lynch's statement. "Please know that I was unaware that my car had made contact with anyone until after this investigation had begun. I would never knowingly leave the scene of an accident and did not do so in this instance."

Lynch also expressed regret that the case took as long as it did to resolve and apologized to his teammates, the Bills organization and Bills fans for the unfortunate accident.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell speaking at a press briefing prior to a scheduled speaking engagement at the Chautauqua Institution Friday said he will examine all the facts and results of the case before determining if Lynch violated the league's personal conduct policy.

And now we can countdown to training camp um 30 days?

oh and Goodell is a beast

While Goodell said he sees the Bills "being in Western New York for a long time," he acknowledged he does not have direct control over what happens when the estate of Bills owner Ralph C. Wilson Jr. eventually sells the team.

"As far as the long-term future of the team, those are not issues we deal with, with respect to how an owner wants to pass a team on," Goodell said. "Mr. Wilson has made it clear he would like to see the team stay in Buffalo, and I will work very hard to make sure that it does."

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