Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Buffalo Sabres news

by Steve

Wha wah Sabres news? Yup. If you live in a hole or underground somewhere you might maybe perhaps haven't heard of players like Tim Kennedy (National champ 07), Nathan Gerbe (National champ 08) Chris Butler D(96th overall in 05 3 year deal),Dennis Persson (24th overall 06) or 'technically perfect' young goalie Jhonas Enroth (2nd rounder 06 3 year deal) but all of these dudes have been recently signed and basically are the future of the Sabres.

We all know they aren't signing big time free agents, and pretty much don't need to. True, none of these players will have a major impact in the 08/09 season but more than likely most will see some action and could be called upon to make significant contributions in 09/10 definitely. So these playesr matter.

Maybe we should all just be glad that a fax machine didn't get jammed again and all these 'important' young dudes all got inked in time. Or maybe we should be giddy with excitement with yet more young blood. We'll see.

I hate to give anyone in this organization the benefit of the doubt, especially after this embarrassing season, but they did ball just before the lockout, got some young soon to be studs, mixed in some vets and had a fantastic 2 year ride. Here is hoping this is the foundation for another bright, yet longer sustaining future.

  • Dimitri Kalinin is official done as a Buffalo Sabres according to reports by WGR550.
  • Hopefully Max and Kotalik save some money and car pool their asses out of town with Dimitri.
  • A new AHL affiliate is allegedly only days away from being announced.
  • Pominville is more important to sign than Ryan Miller. Who even knows if Millsey wants to stay in Buffalo. Clearly Detroit, his just about hometown, will be in need of a goalie sooner than later and his contract is up after next season. He doesn't deserve Lundquist loot but probably will get it. I think he is overrated and probably isn't the goalie that will lead this team to the promised land. The problem is after letting other stars peace for nothing, it will be tough to trade Miller, and it will be even tougher to allow him to walk. He is a popular player among many fans and I can't picture any scenario in which he is allowed to walk IF he wants to stay.

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