Friday, September 5, 2014

2014 Buffalo Bills Season Preview

By Steve

I've tried to be positive Ive tried to be negative I even dabbled in nihilism. Nothing fuckin works with this team and this franchise. But I will always have season tickets and so I'll always care. Lets preview the season!

Turmoil, tumult, infighting, talent, no talent, this team has everything! Except an owner, a competent coach a quarterback or a GM with a clue. Oh yeah and they don't have a first round pick.

But they don't have any losses yet! Or something..

The Bills need to beat Miami twice, SD, Minny, Jets once, KC, Raiders and either split with New England or beat GB and find another win to get into the playoffs. Likely? No. Possible, maybe..

EJ and the offense cant really be that horrendously boring and awful right? Wasn't Erik supposed to be athletic? Where is it? Will he ever run the ball again? I hope to god Hackett and Saint Doug have the SEC network and specifically Auburn games. It really isnt that god damn complicated esp with the personelle this team has. Christ.

It is doubtful the defense will be good against the run but could they be fucking average for a change? The safeties aren't good and Gilmore is average. The front 7 needs to be better than last year and very well might be even sans Alonso.

I've fluctuated from 4-12 and 8-8 in the last week but Im settling for 7-9 but could see 9-7 if the running backs are great and the team rallies around their beleagured head coach Saint Doug.

What an asshat. He does realize he wasnt successful at Syracuse right? And that the current head coach has a better winning percentage than he did right? God I cant wait til he's fired. Orton FTW!

(Also sano predicts 10-6 twreck 11-5 katman 8-8, coast 5-11)

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