Monday, September 22, 2014

Same Old Bills

By Steve

Undefeated, week 3 at home against a possible Super Bowl contender and the Buffalo Bills were favored to beat the San Diego Chargers. And what does Doug Marrone, Erik Manuel Nate Hacket and co. do? Lay an absolute egg. No show. Pathetic.

I didn't need the Bills to even win on Sunday (which shows how low the expectations are) to think this team might be different than the previous 14. Then they get clowned in all aspects of the game and lose by a misleading score of 22-10.

The QB and the receivers weren't on the same page, Manuel is about as accurate as a weather forecast, the short yardage offense is putrid, the coach makes dumbfounding decisions, the CBs don't make plays, they did diddlypoo offensively and nothing has changed.

How does a team lose two yards on 3rd and 1, why is Spiller plowing into the line, why not accept a 5 yard offside penalty to attempt 4th and 1 inside their territory instead of just handing it to them? How does Sam Watksins only get 2 touches (and i dont care he was "targeted" 8 times) where is the creativity? No a HB pass that doesnt work does not count.

The team didnt seem prepared to play. The game plan didn't work and it was obvious from the first drive the difference between a good QB and a bad one.

Im not going to say next week is a must win but the season could start to spiral away with an L to Ryan Fitzpatrick. Ouch.

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