Thursday, September 25, 2014

Buffalo Bills at Houston Texans Preview Podcast

Steve and Coast rehash the debacle that was the San Diego Chargers game and look forward to Ryan Fitzpatrick and the Houston Texans

(anyone remember in 2009 when the Bills played Houston and we did a podcast? 145 comments@

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  1. Wowwww literally have never been more pissed off for 28 minutes straight.. This podcast was garbage and coast is a fucking dumb retard.. His hate for ej Manuel is beyond belief.. We have a. 2nd year stud with a. 2nd yr young coordinator it doesn't get much better than this.. I couldn't even believe what this douchebag coast was saying.. Wants our 2nd yr qb to take unnecessary hits, loves Michael Vick, yet says Andre Johnson is super old.. Forgets about Hopkins.. No mention of Alfred blue.. The whole thing was garbage.. So much hate for an up and coming team.. Let this kid play.. Wow..beyond disgusted in the watercooler