Sunday, September 7, 2014

Bills 23 Bears 20 Final OT

By Steve

Did the Buffalo Bills really beat a "quality" team on the road in town the Bills NEVER won before? Am I dreaming?

Granted Buffalo got lucky with a bunch of offensive lineman getting hurt and Alshon Jeffery getting hurt but SCOREBOARD.

When was the last time the Bills even won in overtime? I think it was better to not win the coin toss actually. 1-0 with the 1-0 Miami Dolphins coming into town with an amped Ralph ?

EJ played well but he still had less than 200 yards passing, Watkins played ok and no one else on offense was great. Ugh as per usual Fred Jackson was a good contributor and Mike Williams had a few first down conversions. But Scott Chandler sucks, there were nearly zero shots down field and nothing crazy from the offense. Where is the creativity?

The defense has perfected the bend but dont break approach and it worked. Dareus was quiet but Kyle and Mario Williams made plays. MVP Corey Graham made us forget about bust Steph Gilmore but again it helped that Jeffery got hurt.

Either way the Bills won a game in which they were 7 dawgs against a great offense. EJ was alright and Marrone didnt meltndown. Maybe this team has talent..

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