Wednesday, September 3, 2014

2014 NFL Over Under Predictions NFC

by Steve

Full 2014 NFL prediction mode!  So it is clearly time for me to pick the over under for every team based on oddsmaker's line.  For those that missed it here are the Bills week 1 power rankings compilation, and the nation media's predictions for the Bills. (Also look for a podcast to be posted late Thursday)  With out further delay 2014 NFL over/unders:

here is the AFC

NFC East

Dallas Cowboys 7.5 (over +170)
A bit of a surprise with this pick but one thing is for sure, never trust the public at large.  Just listen to right wing radio (they're lunatics)  Can the defense be worse?  Is loser Romo really not healed yet? I'm predicting he's fine.

New York Giants 7.5 (under -135)
Eli might be done, the coach has lost his effectiveness and the team just isn't that good.

Washington Redskins 7.5 (under -110)
The Redskins are one of the biggest question marks in the league.  Gruden Jr probably won't pan out but is RGIII really just a flash in the pan?  Guess so.

Philadelphia Eagles 9.5 (over -140)
Not a line I love because no one in this division is great or horrible and they all hate each other. Give me ten wins Chip and a chin.

NFC North

Green Bay Packers 10.5 (under -115)
I always have been and always will be a hater of Mike fat McCarthy and Aaron Rodgers.  Nothing will ever talk me off this. UNDER UNDER UNDER

Chicago Bears 8.5 (-170)
Marc Trestman! Alshon Jeffery! Defense don't let me down

Minnesota Vikings 6.5 (under +130)
A bit odd that the money is swinging that far on the over but Matt freaking Cassell folks?  C'mon.  I might like Mike Zimmer though, hmm.

Detroit Lions 8.5 (under -130)
Do not tell me the Lions replaced psychopath loser Jim Schwartz with blinkless Jim Caldwell.  He will learn quickly that Matt Stafford is no Peyton Manning.

NFC South

New Orleans Saints 10.5 (under +115)
I might be willing to admit that Sean Payton is a good head coach and that Drew Brees annoys the shit out of me.  This division is good and 11 or more wins seems like a stretch, plus I get juice.

Carolina Panthers 7.5 (over +130)
I'll buy in to regression here but that dramatic of a fall? Why does no one buy into Cam Newton, because he only runs, can't really throw and has no one to throw too?  I might be swinging backwards into sorta liking Newton (as long as he loses that stupid fuckin towel) ouch/ugh.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 7.5 (under -130)
Not a Lovie Smith fan.  He has a great winning percentage but seems like a guy with a 'the game has passed me by' label AND he has already gave up on my boy Mike Glennon.  Tough division doesn't help.

Atlanta Falcons 8.5 (under -160)
Mike Smith is a made up name.  Why do we assume last year was such a fluke?  They still had a dynamic WR an allegedly good QB and Smith.  Payout is awful but no way they win 10+ games or even nine.

NFC West

Arizona Cardinals 7.5 (under +130)
I'll be the first to admit I could be wayyy off on this team. I have to give props to the head coach, especially with those glasses, and the defense is stacked.  But Carson Palmer?  It seems like a myth that the guy is even still in the league let alone a starting QB. This is my regression team.

Seattle Seahawks 11.5 (over EVEN)
EVEN MORE SWAGGER? Fuqqqqq.  It could come back to hurt them but they didn't lose any one and have 8 wins seemingly guaranteed in Washington. Smoke weed every day.

San Francisco 49ers 10.5 (under -180)
How many more suspensions/injuries/coach meltdowns can this team handle?  Wasn't Harbaugh rumored to be seeking an exit?  I aint sleepin on Kaepernick though.  They'll still be good.

St Louis Rams 6.5 (over -115)
Shaun Hill v Sam Bradford.. is the drop off really that much?  I like the coach, love the defense, starting to like the weapons on offense.  Can they buy into Hill though? .500 baby leggo.

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