Wednesday, September 3, 2014

2014 NFL Over Under Predictions AFC

by Steve

Full 2014 NFL prediction mode!  So it is clearly time for me to pick the over under for every team based on oddsmaker's line.  For those that missed it here are the Bills week 1 power rankings compilation, and the nation media's predictions for the Bills. (Also look for a podcast to be posted late Thursday)  With out further delay 2014 NFL over/unders:

AFC East

Buffalo Bills 6.5 (over -110)
Despite 85% negativity in Bills land, a coach I have no faith or trust in and a quarterback with the same, I see the Bills eking out 7 wins this year.  The major draw back is the December schedule but that could also come as an advantage with bad weather evening out a team's advantage.  Right?

Miami Dolphins 7.5 (under EVEN)
7-9 or worse seems extremely possible.  The coach is a buffoon, the quarterback is 1-3 in his career against the Bills (0-2 v. Thad Lewis) and the team melted down last year.

New England Patriots 10.5 (over -210)
Penciling this team in for 11 wins is unfortunately one of the easiest things in sport.  The AFC East is a fuckin travesty.

New York Jets 7 (over -140)
This team didn't get worse than last year so 8-8 seems very doable. Rex Ryan just seems to do enough to not get fired.  I wouldn't want to bet against a possible Geno Smith meltdown though.

AFC North

Cleveland Browns 6.5 (under -145)
This team winning 7 games seems highly unlikely. A lot has to do with a lack of discernible talent, some has to do with a tough division and the team goes through coaches like I do pizza boxes.

Cincinnati Bengals 9 (over -105)
I wouldn't bet this line either way because I think it is perfect but since that's the point... ten wins+, bang it!

Baltimore Ravens 8.5 (over -115)
Surprisingly I'm a believer in Harbaugh and Flacco. This division is tough but overrated overall. 9 wins or more is a good possibility.

Pittsburgh Steelers 8.5 (under +115)
Great value, I don't buy into the coach and this team still plays like it is the 70's.

AFC South

Indianapolis Colts 9.5 (under -110)
This division is bad but Luck isn't as great as all the hype, at least yet.  Plus, maybe the division isn't as horrendous as we all think.  Didn't EVERYONE have Houston being good last season?

Jacksonville Jaguars 5.5 (under -120)
This team is still years away.  No Blackmon, huge question with the offensive line and the coach picked Henne over my boy Bortles.

Tennessee Titans 7.5 (over EVEN)
Am I really buying into a Ken Whisenhunt coached team?  And a quarterback (Jake Locker) more injury prone than Sam Bradford? Guess so! Bishop Sankey!

Houston Texans 7.5 (under +115)
This is one of the more shocking lines of any team.  Ryan Fitzpatrick?  Ancient Andre Johnson?  A completely unproven Irish head coach who seems some how overrated already? Nah..

AFC West

Denver Broncos 11.5 (under EVEN)
The defense may in fact be better but there is no way the offense can be as good or better right? 12 or 13 wins seems more likely than say 7 or 8 wins but oh well I'm predicting a tough AFC W this year.

San Diego Chargers 8.5 (over -125)
I like me some Chargers this year. Rivers is a slinger, I wanted their head coach (Mike McCoy) a million times more than Marrone. A one game improvement seems easy.

Kansas City Chiefs 8.5 (under -220)
Terrible payout on this bet but their luck has run out.  In a different division 9+ wins would be much more palatable.

Oakland Raiders 4.5 (under +140)
4-12 for the win.  A rookie coach, no direction, no talent, no prayer.

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