Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Week 4 Buffalo Bills Power Rankings Compilation

After a ruinous loss to the Chargers let's see where everyone has the Bills ranked this week:

ESPN 19:
"Buffalo needs more from EJ Manuel. Manuel's QBR is 31.1, 32nd out of 35 qualified quarterbacks. Buffalo is the only team above .500 with negative offensive and defensive efficiencies."

A popular location for the Bills this week and a seven notch dropping.  EJ stats are scary bad.

CBS 19:
"Was the 2-0 start a mirage? Was that the real Bills against the Chargers?"
Four spot drop only.

Yahoo 18:
"Honest story: A Bills fan ripped these power rankings, then sent me his own that had the Bills as the fifth best team in the NFL. Brilliant."

Bills fans are dumb

PFT 18:
"Yep, we know how the “Bills start strong in September” book ends."

The Bills don't move up or down after a loss at home. Clearly Florio is a non-Billiever. 11:
"Yep, the Bills topped the Bears in Week 1 and now rank below them. But the simple fact of the matter is, Buffalo was soundly defeated at home on Sunday, while Chicago's only loss so far is that overtime squeaker to start the season. Also, the Bears' weakness -- their defense -- seems to have at least been partially fixed, whereas the Bills are still having trouble getting the ball vertical. Frankly, EJ Manuel just isn't an accurate passer at this point in his career, at least not consistently."

Still a lot of love from rare. Only two spot lowering

Walterfootball 26:
"26. Buffalo Bills (2-1) - Previously: #20 - I tried to warn Buffalo fans, but some of them just wouldn't listen. E.J. Manuel stinks, and the team won't win with him. Yet, many Bills' backers - as well as those who cheer for the Panthers and Bengals - left me hate mail in the comment board below. How fun!

Here's some of it:

The 3-0 Teams in the NFL are ranked 8, 9, and 10 on here....But dont Worry! Walt will accordingly adjust them to 6,7 and 8 tomorrow!

If you want power rankings ordered by records, you can just go to's standings page and sort them that way.

So, the Bills beat Da Bears in Chicago. Chicago beats SF in Cali. NE goes to Miami and gets beat down. Then Miami goes to Buffalo and gets dominated. And you somehow say the Bills aren't any good? Needless to say I'll never visit this site again. Cincinnati not in the top 5? Pitt ranked 27? You're a dumb @#$@! I'm never coming back to this site.

Nooooooooooooooo don't leeeeeeeeeeaveeeee! (I had a minor seizure trying to follow that guy's logic)

What the hell are you smoking??? Seahawks 1...Saints 5...Eagles 10... Did you just pick #'s out of a hat.

No, I fired darts at a board to do it.

How can you put a Saints team at #5 when they lost to two teams not even in your top 13? Jerrrkkk offfff

Wait, how'd you know what I was doing?

Walt is a hater of the cat team brotherhood! Bengals and Panthers getting no respect. He must be a bird brain.

Yeah I have a bias against all cat teams. Sorry.

And why dont you do us all a favor and get cancer and die then we wont have to read your @#$@ of a blog anymore.

What is dead may never die."

Most have the Bills somewhere between 18 and 19 which is smart.. hmm smart.  Walterfootball with a long rant about nothing.  Highest 11, lowest 26.

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