Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Bills Preseason Power Rankings

Compilation of the Bills power rankings heading into week 1

CBS Sports 29:
The offense has been horrible in the preseason. Did they make a mistake on EJ Manuel?

ESPN 29:
The Bills' defense allowed a lower QBR than any team except the Super Bowl champions. The offense finished 25th in efficiency, and Buffalo will go nowhere until that improves.

Walterfootball 32:
My LVH Supercontest partner, Matvei, made a short, but fantastic point about the Bills' issues in practice during a recent conversation: "The Bills are off the rails. No leadership. No focus. No quarterback."

So true. E.J. Manuel is not going to lead the Bills. The team lost key personnel this offseason to free agency and injury, and it will struggle as a consequence. It appears as though this team will completely bottom out.

Yahoo Sports 28:
Buffalo fans, you better hope preseason results don't matter.

NFL.com 29:
Rookie receiver Sammy Watkins is supposed to be OK for Week 1 after injuring his ribs in the preseason finale. That's super news for Buffalo, because the Bills' passing game mostly stunk in August -- even when the No. 4 overall pick was on the field. Honestly, even if linebacker Kiko Alonso hadn't torn his ACL, this team would be bound to finish below .500 with its offense performing like this. 


Highest 28, lowest 32. Jeez

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