Thursday, February 18, 2010

Brad Butler retires, fuck you

Per TBN:

Buffalo offensive lineman Brad Butler told the Bills today that he is retiring from professional football, the team announced Thursday afternoon in a press release.

Butler, a University of Virginia graduate, has started at both right guard and right tackle but was injured early last season.

"I would like to thank Mr. Wilson, my teammates and the entire Bills Nation for giving me the opportunity to represent the Buffalo Bills for the past four years," Butler said in a statement given to the team for release to the media and fans. "Playing in the National Football League has been a tremendous opportunity and a great blessing. However, my passion for education, country and community is something that I am ready to devote my full attention to. I believe the best way to pursue these spheres of interest is to step away from the game of football at this point in my life. I will always remember my time spent in Western New York with great affection. I wish my teammates and Bills fans the best of luck next season and into the future."

"We respect Brad's decision to pursue the next chapter in his life. He has tremendous character and a very bright future in whatever career path he now chooses and we wish him all the best," Bills General Manager Buddy Nix said in the team's press release.

Anyone know what the fuck that means???? Now we have to draft a tackle in the second round? FML


  1. Fuck tackle...Get a weapon for Clausen such as Gronkowski.

  2. hahaha clausen??? you mean the faggot loser that lost to navy twice and isn't even healthy, not in the combine, loses every time he has the chance, is immature and a lil bitch w/ mediocre arm strength? hahahhahaha yeah get him a rookie tight end coming off major surgery, great idea Einstein

  3. if he lost every time he had a chance wouldn't he of lost every start? Criticizing QB's when the Bills have nobody who deserves to be in the NFL on the roster? I'm not worried about Gronkowski the Bills also don't have anybody at TE on the roster who should be a starter. I'm not sure how many QB prospects go to the combine to do anything rather than answer questions. If the Bills want to draft a career backup or guy who'll be out of the league I.E. Jon Beck or Charlie Whitehurst then look at LeFeouver or Pike. If they want to be just good enough to not be good enough go after Vick. Want to be elite get a QB in the 1st RD. If they're waiting for Locker who has done less than Clausen then say they're trying to go 0-16 to get somebody else. At least that would justify Gailey's hiring.

  4. i'll go by scouts inc, clausen is not a 1st round talent LET ALONE a future superstar in the nfl, give it up


  5. Yet everybody else has him as a top 10 talent. Mel Kiper has him ranked 4th. Todd McShay of Scouts Inc has the Bills taking Bradford which i'd have no problem with. It's Bradford/Clausen or Fitzpatrick....

  6. sam bradfor / colt mccoy/ mike vick

  7. It's funny how when Vick was with the Falcons everybody said he wasn't a good QB. He goes to the pen and now Bills fan has a mouth full of him. Bills got holes basically on 21 spots on the field as long as Byrd isn't being asked to tackle.


    I understand when the top QB prospects don't throw. Yet why wouldn't a guy who is probably about the 8th best QB prospect not throw?