Sunday, February 7, 2010

Saints v Colts Super Bowl 44 preview

by Steve

Why does the NFL still use roman numerals for their Super Bowls? I have some dumb friends and have met some realllllly dumb people. I'm smart and have a tough time figuring out what number Super Bowl it is each year. What do dumb people do? I guess just ask someone else but christ, give it up with the roman numerals National Football League seriously. How dumb is L going to look in six years?

I like to say the Saints suck but that obviously isn't true. They weren't the best team out of the National Football Conference (Minny had a better team) but they are still good. Maybe their defense is being a bit underrated. Anthony Hargrove did punch a cop in the face..

Manning at this point is just too good. Isn't it perfectly reasonable to think that the Aints will be a bit overwhelmed with the whole experience? They have more pressure. the Colts won it a few years back and this is N.O.'s first appearance ever. Brees and co are playing for an entire city. It is one of the few things that can brighten the lives of the people that live in a shittier city that Buffalo. Someone from the Aints will forget their helmet, or be puking in the huddle or fumble three or four times. (Looking at you Reggie Bush) Just sayin..

One of the few major question marks with the Colts is Jim "I might be a cardboard cut out" Caldwell. What if he actually has to make an important decision and doesn't have time to consult with Manning and Polian? Sean Payton might be the better coach. But if it comes down to Brees or Manning, Manning wins 9 out of 10 times c'mon.

I have the colts -4.5 but the line is now 6. Colts still cover but not -21.5 (+500)
Under 57
Heads for the coin flip
Saints score first
Addai and Brown have big games
Shockey no shows
Brees puts up big yardage w/ 2 picks

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