Sunday, February 21, 2010

USA defeats Canada 5-3

by Steve

Sidney and the choke artists let down their country tonight in Vancouver. Ryan Miller and Brian Rafalski stole a victory in a game Canada should have won. Martin Brodeur was badly out played by his counterpart Miller in the final game of the preliminary round.

Team Canada looked nervous, tight and over hyped. They couldn't finish their chances around the net and Brodeur was way to aggressive. Sidney had a goal but finished the game with a -3 , uh oh. Thornton and Getzlaf were invisible while role players Backes and Stastney for USA played very well. Chris Drury looked like his old 05/06 Sabres form.

The better goalie won and the better team won tonight. Canada has to play Germany Tuesday and if they win that they'll have to play Russia. USA gets a bye. All of Canada is reaching for their tissues and or hand guns. The odds of Canada winning gold are slim to none unless this team changes players. They look bad.

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  1. Miller play'd better than Brodeur but he's not a better goalie. The only move that Canada can make is putting Luongo in.