Monday, February 15, 2010

Buffalo Bills offseason plan part 1

by Steve

The offseason started a week ago and the Bills have yet to make a single move. The coaching staff is in place the roster is unfrozen and major changes to both the offense and defense are looming. What is the delay? Players can be cut, collusion with potential free agents can start (although they can't be signed until March 5th LETS GO.

Here is my plan (part 1):

Players we don't have to bother cutting cause they are already free agents:
Terrell Owens
Josh Reed
Keith Ellison
Ryan Denney
Asthon Youboty
Jon Corto

Free Agents I wouldn't mind signing back:
George Wilson
Bryan Scott
Derek Schouman

Unfortunately the rest of the roster is still under contract. Here is my list of players then we need to cut:
Marcus Buggs (too small)
Chris Draft (too small)
Justise Hairston (don't like the way you spell your name)
Chris Kelsay (obsolete)
Corey Mace (ditto unless he can play the 5 technique)
John McCargo (because you have zero trade value)
Ryan Fitzpatrick

Players Bills should trade if they have value to anyone:
Kyle Williams (unless he can play 3-4 DE or miraculously play NT)
Donte Whitner (some team might like him [WASH])
Aaron Schobel (obsolete, over paid)
Marcus Stroud (if he can't play 3-4 DE)
Trent Edwards (needs a fresh start)

Bills major needs in order:
1. Linebacker
2. Quarterback
3. Nose Tackle
4. Offensive Tackle
5. Linebacker
6. 3-4 Defensive end
7. Wide Receiver

Dates of interest:

Feb. 8 – Date players under contract can start being released

Feb. 25 – Deadline to designate franchise and transition players

Feb. 24 – March 2 – NFL Combine

March 5 – Free agency opens

March 15 – First day NFL clubs can open offseason programs

April 15 – Deadline for restricted free agents to sign offer sheets from other teams

April 22-24 – NFL Draft

July 15 – Deadline to sign franchise player to multi-year deal


  1. The Bills have nobody at QB who could start in the UFL. You're right they need a LB more than drafting a guy for the most important position in the league.

    You mention guys like Kelsay and Schoebel as obsolete. Then state you wouldn't mind Schoumann back? Why is he going to translate what Chan Gailey and Buddy Nix are saying to the rest of us?

    Here's a better list for what the Bills need:
    1. QB
    2. Head Coach
    3. GM
    4. LB
    5. Owner
    6. WR
    7. OL
    8. TE
    9. NT
    11. LB
    12. DE
    13. DE
    14. WR
    15. Backup QB
    16. 2nd TE
    17. OL
    18. OL
    19. S

    Now if they get all this taken care of they should be ripe for other teams to pluck their players in 4 years when they become good, the players not the team.

  2. anonymous commenter stop commenting your idiocy knows no bounds. we have a coach and gm how is that a need? how can any fucking retard compare shouman to kelsay and schobel when they make a combined 13 million while shouman makes less than $1 million? WTF??!?!???? huhhhhhhh

    nose tackle is our 9th biggest need? go back to watching the high school team take a shower


  3. Got linebackers is that a need? Two starters to a guy who shouldn't be in the league? I really don't care what guys make. NFL contracts aren't guranteed and any money that the Ralph spends doesn't bother me. Nose tackles aren't difference makers. Get a fat guy tell him to shoot a gap. Really the guy who maybe best fitted for that probably could be taken in the 2nd rd in Cody.

    Chan Gailey and Slingblade Nix are typical Bills hire. Get guys who are cheap and hope for a miracle.

  4. Marshawn for Cromartie?