Wednesday, February 24, 2010

USA 2 Switzerland 0 final

by Steve

Miller v Hiller was the story line of this one. Hiller stood on his head and it still wasn't enough for the Swiss Wednesday afternoon in Vancouver. Hiller saved 42 of 44 shots while Miller recorded team USA's first shut out since Mike Richter was on the team saving all 19 SUI shots.

Parise scored both goals for team USA one in the opening minutes of the third period and an empty netter to close out the game. USA had two goals waived off in the game as well. One with the seconds ticking down in the 2nd period. The goal was determined to not be fully across the line as time expired. Another goal disallowed came in a wild minute just before SUI seemingly scored the tying goal. Replays showed the Swiss hit a post and it did not cross the goal line. Suter rushed down the ice and whizzed it past Hiller only for the goal to be called back on a USA penalty.

USA moves onto the medal round with the victory. Canada plays Russia at 7:30 loser goes home. Oh yeah Ryan Miller is a stud. It is impossible not to think how good the Sabres can be for the next 5-7 years with this dude playing with this much focus and tenacity in clutch moments as he has throughout these Olympics. Odds are USA will play the Czechs on Friday at 3.

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  1. Didn't you call him "Mr. Softie," like two weeks ago? He's playing well and probably is the front-runner for the Vezina, the Sabres still need somebody so they can send Gaustad to Portland and Grier to Africa.