Sunday, February 7, 2010

Saints 31 Colts 17 F

by Steve

Immediate reaction:

  • Manning choked
  • Brees didn't make any mistakes
  • Gary errr Sean Payton was the better coach
  • The onside kick was lucky bullshit not a 'great decision'
  • How did they reverse that 2 point conversion? Bullshit
  • The game might have been fixed
  • 7 points after the 1st quarter for the Colts? WOW
  • Under was easy money
  • I was wrong about the colts -4
  • Manning's pass to Dallas Clark might have been the best pass I've ever seen
  • The Saints owner is a fraud and an asshole
  • The Who sucked
  • Reggie Bush is a bust
  • Did a storm hit New Orleans or somethin?
  • Aints had two wins in the postseason before this year..


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  2. That onside kick was one of those plays where if the Saints don't recover it we'd all be talking about what an idiotic decision Payton made starting the second half. He got that out of Les Miles' playbook, I loved it

  3. It wasn't a good game. Why didn't Addai get the ball more? Where was Reggie Wayne all game?

    Colston is a decent WR but the Saints don't have a decent RB and their other wideouts are average at best.

    Brees will probably go down as the greatest free agent signing to this point. I wouldn't be surprised if the Saints revert to NFC South form and miss the playoffs next year.

    The Colts really missed Anthony Gonzo.


    Time to start studtying for the draft

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