Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Surprise surprise Ottawa beats the Sabres again

by Steve

Eight straight losses against the Ottawa Senators. Their lead in the Northeast division has gone from 13 to 3 seemingly overnight. The Sabres last victory against the Sens was Jan 6th 2009 or more than a year ago. This team will be lucky to hold on to the 6 seed in the playoffs.

Lindy Ruff is easily the most overrated coach in the NHL. The guy has kept a job for the better part of two decades with mediocrity reigning supreme. His inability to handle his goaltenders is beyond mind boggling. The back up this season, Patrick Lalime, hasn't played a whole game in twenty-five days and counting.

It is beyond me how Ryan Miller was trotted out for this game and the previous game against the Penguins. Did Ruff think grinding every last ounce of energy from Miller would make him play better? Embarrassing. Take away the two home games against two teams that couldn't score if the net was empty (Nj/Bos) and Miller has allowed at least 3 goals in his last six games, all L's.

No, you're right I'm overreacting. It isn't like the Sabres are in a complete free fall with their best player completely gassed and a month removed from his best performances of the season. They aren't 4 and 8 in their last 12 games. Ryan Miller won't be playing in the Olympics in a week and half or anything either. I'm sure that will give him plenty of time to relax and get away from the pressure.

But hey, we can count on our wise GM to make some moves to free some dead weight and improve the team. He has never proven he falls in love with his players and holds on to them until they are useless(Pominville 5 goals in his last 16 games and $5.5 mil for the next 3 years, or Gaustad and his 16 game scoreless drought, Stafford zero goals in 8 games etc etc). Darc always snags a great player at the dead line to push us over the edge. Oh wait he traded for Briere 7 years ago, he gets a pass.

Why the hell was MacCarther, Suckera and Butler on the ice with a minute left in a tie game? Why is Adam Mair still on this team? What is Hecht's role, $3.5 mil to kill penalties? What is the reason the entire team is afraid to hit a player after he hacks Miller after a whistle? Every other player on every other team knocks you on your ass or rubs their glove in your face but the Sabres skate to the bench.

Don't give me two games in hand either. The Sabres play Ottawa two more times so the lead is really Ottawa's by one point. This team is falling ass backwards into the playoffs with a first round date with the Senators or Penguins highly likely. Ugh at least we'll get two home playoff games for Golisano to cash in on and not have to chew a microphone..


  1. Sekera can skate and isn't awful. Paul Gaustad is one of the worst players in the league. If not the worst. Why does "hockey fan," think that guys who check 2 guys a game and can win a faceoff doesn't suck? I get it cause guys who score goals and make plays don't win but guys who suck but run into guys do! All hail Kaleta lets hope he runs into a guy and skates away!

  2. kaltea is a bad example, he has been putting the puck in the net more than any time outside the OHL but gaustad has sucked