Thursday, February 11, 2010

Buffalo Sabres lose 6th straight

by Steve

That was a quick 13 point lead in the division. Now the Sabres are staring up at the Ottawa Senators who are alone in first in the Northeast division. Another frustrating borderline pathetic loss tonight @ Carolina 4-3 in overtime.

The Sabres were up a quick two goals only to find themselves down 3-2 in the third. Roy got a nice goal to force overtime. Then Montador looked like a retard losing the puck in front of his net, the canes pounded it home, good night thanks for coming.

Forget slump this is a straight up free fall. The entire team is playing poorly. Miller gives up another four goals, Vanek is basically invisible, Gaustad is (-6) in his last 10 games with two points. Oh yeah, he hasn't scored in his last 20 games.

Ruff and co. need to stick with the status quo though. Hold on to your prized young players, ride Miller into the ground, trot out the same 18 players each night. Not much else to even say other than WOW and Buffalo sports fail.

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  1. The Sabres have 1 prospect that I wouldn't want to give up and that's Ennis. Trade Gerbe and Gaustad for some bus passes. Paul Gaustad still the worst player in the NHL.