Monday, February 8, 2010

Buffalo Bills 3-4 defense breakdown

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UFA, Trade, and Draft Talk
Lots of posts on this blog about going to get Shawne Merriman or Joey Porter or Rolando McClain. While those are nice thoughts, they won’t make this defensive scheme effective. The 3-4 that Edwards wants to run is predicated on having three very good defensive linemen. The linebacker, no matter how talented, will get blocked and beaten if the line isn’t set. While Merriman and Porter are good thoughts, we need to be thinking NTs and 5 technique ends.

McClain is also a hot topic lately. He’s going to be most effective playing the weak side ILB position, a la Patrick Willis. We already have Posluszny and Mitchell to play that spot. Drafting McClain would give us three WILBs and no NT to protect him. While McClain is a great, great player, NT is a much more pressing need. Dan Williams is the guy we need to be talking about.

UFA that we should be considering
Note: I anticipate that Casey Hampton, Vince Wilfork, Richard Seymour, Karlos Dansby and Aubrayo Franklin won’t hit the market. And Ryan Pickett, while a good fit, won’t be signed. I don’t know why, just going off information Brian has mentioned.

Jason Ferguson
: Not the best NT, but better than who we have.
Dwan Edwards
: Solid rotational 5 technique end.
Nick Eason
: Depth 5 technique end.
Alfonso Boone
: Depth 5 technique.
Ian Scott
: Reserve DT with NT experience.
Danny Clark
: Veteran that could be a backup OLB.
Larry Foote
: Best strong side ILB on the market. Needs to be a priority target for the Bills.

Jeff Ulbrich: Strongside ILB. Getting long in the tooth.

Adalius Thomas: A force for the Ravens that tailed off in New England, that we could sign if we aren't happy with our OLB's.
Jimmy Kennedy
: Big man that has underachieved but has become a good reserve for Minnesota. Might be able to transition to NT.
Bryan Robinson
: Another priority on the free agent market. Has played in the 3-4 Over scheme as the NT the past three seasons.
Chike Okeafor
: OLB that could be signed if we don’t think we have the right OLBs. 3-4 Over strong side OLB experience.
Scott Fujita
: OLB who rushes in the Saints’ scheme. Starter if we don’t think we have the right OLBs.
Tully Banta-Cain
: Easier to get than Porter or Merriman if we don’t think we have the right OLBs.

Trades for NTs that we should consider
Isaac Sopoaga
: With the emergence of Franklin, Sopoaga could be available. Big wide body that can easily start and play two gap from day one.
Alan Branch
: Big strong NT that’s underachieved thus far. Could be a Ted Washington type find if he works harder.


  1. McClain is a great, great player with all of 0 games played in the league...Good thing guys like Clay Matthews Jr and Brian Cushing weren't available when the Bills picked last year. That Aaron Maybin is the next Erik Flowers!

  2. so are you being sarcastic about maybin being flowers or are you mixing between sarcasim and not sarcasim.. confusing comment sir

    oh and no one everrrrrrr gets better after their rookie season

  3. Maybin is not and will not even be a good NFL player. Book it.


  4. Players get better. Maybin looked as bad as a rookie has looked. He didn't belong on the field. When he was on the field he was doing the icky shuffle after making a special teams tackle. Nothing against him but he's got the look of Vernon Gholston. Drafted too high because their wasn't enough film of him to evaluate. The same sort of shit that happened to Rodgers who all the sudden went from top 5 pick to 24th because scouts over analyzed him because he played.

    If a team offered a 2nd rd pick for Maybin today I think the only reason the Bills wouldn't take it is pride.

  5. I would take a 6th for Maybin.


  6. we need a running back baddddddddd barber felix tashard choice.. these guys make me jizzz

  7. tim and coast, the least knowledgeable idiotic commenters in sports history folks. thanks for your input fuckheads