Monday, July 14, 2008

All star game preview

by Steve

Anyone else notice the patheticness of the AL "all star" team? The NL has them beat at every position. The only argument is the 8 hole in the line up. Fuckyoudome probably isn't an all star and certainly not a starter so I'd take Mauer over him at that spot. However look at the AL starters... Jeter, Ichiro, Pedroia? Five yankees/red sox? Fuck that.

Four players with a .342+ average for the NL, four players with at least 20 home runs and only one team, the Cubs(best record in baseball) has more than 1 player in the starting line up. None of that can be said for the American League, what a joke. Anyone wanna tell me what Varitek or Joe Crede is doing playing Tuesday? True the NL has Tejada and Carlos Marmol but neither of them are lucky to be even in the majors at this point or have a .219 average. Save it, I don't care if the players allegedly voted him in, he should be riding the pine in beantown.

Where is all the 'all star' caliber starting pitching in the AL any way? Six relievers? Three players with double digit wins? I wouldn't be surprised if the NL wins by 10 runs tomorrow. The only problem I have with that prediction though is Tito vs Hurdle. It is a classic mismatch. Two world series, vs a... uh.. 21 lucky game winning streak...

Oh well at least this is one of only about 40 games left to be played in that dump of a stadium. I can't wait for the wrecking ball to knock down that piece of shit. All though truth be told, I think it is a colossal mistake to replace Yankee Stadium. True they haven't done anything but choke in there lately, but it is a classic. The Red Sox aren't tearing down Fenway, the Cubs aren't replacing Wrigley Gum Stadium.. I guess $teinbrenner cares more about filling the coffers then tradition, although that shouldn't be surprising to anyone.

Here's hoping the great AL 'stars' get yanked early so the true best of the supposedly premier league get some playing time in the 4th inning. Players like Morneau, Kinsler, Quentin, and Young.


  1. solid play from the superior 2nd baseman for the NL... they really pounded the AL.


  2. Sizemore-hardest hit single I have ever seen and clutch steal and game tying run-there is your true MVP.