Thursday, July 17, 2008

Fire sale in Oakland

by Steve

The Phillies just acquired a solid pitcher from the bleeding-quality-players Oakland A's. Highly touted 2b prospect Adrian Cardenas and hard throwing lefty Josh Outman and throw in outfielder Matt Spencer were delt for Joe Blanton.

The Phillies saw the writing on the proverbial rear view mirror as in objects in mirror appear closer than they seem. Then again maybe it is the opposite. The Mets have won 9 straight and are about to usurp the Phillies in the East. They needed to add a dependable arm and did just that. They over paid big time. Buttt Blanton could stick around for at least two more years as he is now arbitration eligible. Plus he is from the AL and moving to the NL he probably will put up better numbers. (5-12 nearly 5 ERA)

Considered a top prospect heading into the season LH Outman can hit mid 90's allegedly, and is in AA right now. The twenty-four year old has five starts is 5-3 and a 3.2 ERA. Another highly touted prospect, Adrian Cardenas was never going to fit into the Phil's future. Utley will be their 2b for a decade. However the 20 year old Cardenas is hitting .310 in high A thus far. Not a lot of power with only four dingers, but he can get on base and steal second. Matt Spencer is in A ball hitting .250 with 6 homers and 41 rbi.

Blanton better 3 hit the Mets next time they play thats all I'm saying. Does anyone really have faith in Charlie Manuel getting this team any where? Alright I'll be fair, the mets are going to royally fuck up a trade, book it. There were rumors of a Beltran for Holliday deal, but that would never happen, especially since Holliday is a free agent and Beltran is signed. Although Holliday is a much better hitter. Casey Blake to the Mets ?!

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