Sunday, July 6, 2008

Nadal over Federer

by Steve

Five sets, two rain delays, 16 points in the fifth set, 7+ hours, and a new Wimbledon champion. After watching nearly the entire thing, its kind of tough to put into words how epic a match this was. Everyone says that the most recent whatever was the greatest, and hyperbolic terminology is always thrown about, but this was easily one of the best matches ever.

Both gentlemen as they say in the UK, are underrated athletes, and superb tennis players. True they are both Euros so no one really cares in this country, but this was a Wimbledon for the ages. Both players are so good it is tough to characterize any match between them as one or the other choking and that holds true for this match as well. The first rain delay came after Rafael Nadal was up 2 sets and looking for an easy victory. It is safe to say that changed the tide, at least until the second rain delay just before the fifth set.

The second delay allowed Nadal to regroup against a surging Roger Federer. It seemed however that the only winner today was going to be darkness. It was after 9pm local Wimbledon time when it seemed the two were destined for a Monday showdown. Neither gentleman appeared the least bit exhausted somehow, even though the match started while I was still sleeping for 3 hours and I took a nap in between. CHRIST.

After 2 chances to put a final nail in the coffin with match points in the 3rd set Nadal was on the ropes while Federer aced his way to a fifth and deciding set. However, after breaking serve in the 15th point of the fifth set, the writing was on the wall for Roger. Nadal was serving for the match and some how Federer mustered one last shot to force a second deuce in the 16th point. Nadal did however triumph dethroning the 5 time champ to take his first big tournament on grass.

Not sure if I would mark this as a changing of the guard, especially since RF said he'll be back next year, but time will certainly tell. Here is hoping for a rematch in 2009.

Nadal defeats Federer 6-4 6-4 6-7 6-7 9-7


  1. Best tennis match I've ever seen. Andy who? Seriously, I like Roddick and I want him to do well and his serve is sick, but he's not in the same league as Nadal and Federer.

  2. Fucking Tennis? WNY Water Cooler has lowered themselves to covering tennis? WTF - I can't wait till I see the article on MLS, Arena Football, and CFL

  3. MLS Article soon to come don't worry.