Thursday, July 31, 2008

Jason Peters' Agent

by Steve

Everyone is pissed and worried about the Jason Peters situation. I completely understand it, and at press time am shivering at the idea of Langston Walker staying at left tackle. But here is another twist to the Peters situation some may not know. It is the way Eugene Parker, Peters agent, does business.

One of the premier young running backs in the game, Steven Jackson, is pulling the same thing in St Louis. He refuses to show up to camp and contract talks have come to a screeching halt since. It is a bit different since Jackson is on the final year of his rookie contract, but its still eerily similar to our own under paid pro bowler. Oh and did I mention Jackson is represented by Eugene Parker?

"All I mentioned to Eugene was that was fine, and I again mentioned that we really would like to get something done with him, and I advised him, though, that this would be considered an unexcused absence. He would be fined. And, I said as soon as he got into camp and he does show up, we would like to continue negotiations, but we will not be negotiating while he is out of camp."

Even further prove is of Devin Hester who also threatened to holdout if a new contract wasn't offered. Hester is also a Parker employer. The big difference there is, Hester showed up, and promptly was signed to a four year extension.

Why hasn't Peters or Jackson wised up and shown up? I don't know but it is pissing me off big time. I guess $15,000 a day, Peters' daily fine, isn't enough of a deterrent. Plus it has already been a week, and the pads have been on since Monday. Time to hit the panic button?


  1. fakkkk dont like it either it is time to hit the mother f-in panic button ,, it is your boy WREKKKK chiming in a complete trainWREKKKKK from last night holy shitttttt we had coast in town... we had loga in townnnn we had j santo ballinnnggg we had some hosssss obv.. newaysssss that blue just did a number..... ok r o line is a joke without jason peters ne1 knows that. this agent can suck a big 1 its a players decision always has been always will be.. i liked it before but when u have patrick kerney seymour that 50 million dude from ooakland taking blind shots at number 5 ... wwwwwowwwwwwwwwww i need a solution what u got 4 me sonsss?????????????????????????

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