Saturday, July 26, 2008

Overrated underrated Bills offense

by Steve

If you haven't notice when I did offense it was defense and when I did defense it was offense. Sorry, assholes

Terrance McGee underrated
Dude is one of the elite return men in the league and can cover nearly as effectively. He isn't exactly a ballhawk, but he can rip an INT or two at times. He is definitely not a liability, and has held his own against some solid WRs in 2007.

Leodis McKelvin not ratable
If this was Greer I would say underrated barely. I mean he did pwn Owens for that 2 point conversion on MNF plus I think he fucked up #85 mid last season. McKelvin needs to sign, learn English, and ball in the secondary. If he isn't starting week 1 it is a travesty, if he isn't making plays by week 4 it is an embarrassment. Hope the post Levy II era isn't a bust.

Aaron Schobel overrated
Yes it is easy to rip on this dude. Yes he was a pro bowler. Yes he runs 15+ yards past the quarterback (not named Lemon, Clemens, Culpepper, and McNair). Yes he is overrated. The dude is the second highest paid athlete in Buffalo history! He sucks, he's white, and he needs to have a major bounce back in '08. I recall like one decently big play from him last year, a forced fumble in a game, thats it. Run defense is non-existent.

John McCargo underrated
The Bills run a rotation d-line with a three technique and some other bullshit. I don't care who lines up on the outside shoulder of the right guard. I want former first round beast in the making Johnny Mc to be a 2+ down DT. PERIOD

Marcus Stroud overrated
He is the savior of this defense. Jacksonville would not have let this dude go if he wasn't still a beast. Micro fracture surgery?!! Shiaaaaat. Wait wait wait, wasn't Del Rio on the hot hot hot seat like a hot minute ago. Marcus..... ballllllllll stay off drugs, heal "teh" knees. Henderson what

Chris Kelasy hahahaha

Kawika Mitchel rated
He won the Super Bowl. He wasn't the sole reason, but he was a key cog. He will make plays, he won't be in the pro bowl. I like it

Paul "pos" Poz- Posluszney rated
He is probably over rated. People in Buffalo are obsessed with him. I know he has a huge neck and the picture of him carrying a bag of shit to camp scared me. He needs to be healthy and remind us of Shane C.

Angelo Crowell over rated
Rich Gannon exposed this dude in week 17. He isn't terrible, and he needs a new contract. He could bust out or be what I think he is this season. NEVER under estimate someone playing for a new contract. Can we say extension week 5?

Ko Simpson underrated
After he went down week 1 with an injury, I received a single text. "Season over" I wanted to kill the dude for simply uttering such ridiculousness but after 16 more weeks he proved to be correct. George Wilson blows and Whitner was still too young. Ko was ready for a solittt season and it was cut short. He needs to regain the form I believe he has, or this secondary is in much worse shape than I figured.

Dante Whitner over rated
He was 8th over all. He doesn't make enough big plays. What he has on his side, leadership, ballerishness, OSU blood, potential, and youth. Bob Sanders was nothing his first few years, now dudes line up to give him rim jobs. I can see Whitner not have a break out season but a leap frog season. If there is a difference. Otherwise ... well.. the Bills are in trouble.

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  1. Dude are you on crack, Aaron Schobel is on Pace for 100 career sacks, only 26 other players in the history of the league have done that, Leodis is a rookie and he shouldnt be started that early, he should be put in "situational" areas first to get acclimated to the NFL, Donte Whitner is one of the best Strong Safety's in the league, hes known league wide for his hitting power, closing speed, and intuition, hes not quite at Bob Sanders level but hes one of the best run stopping SS in the league and alot of people will agree, Marcus Stroud is a beast which is evident by the way hes playing, and why we owned 3 run first teams and btw hes already on pace for a huge statistical year, John McCargo is over rated hes a bust, he doesnt bring a good skill set tot he table and hes often gettign rolled out of plays and pancaked, so why dont you do some homework before posting terrible articles. Later