Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Platinum Sabres

by Steve

This just in, B. Thomas Golisano likes money. So much so, that he is adding ANOTHER level to the pricing scheme 1 SKP cooked up..

The Buffalo Sabres have added a fifth “Platinum” category to its variable pricing schedule for the 2008-2009 season. The three Toronto games and a Friday night game against Montreal on February 6 will fulfill the Platinum category this year.

The Team has allocated the remaining thirty-seven home games by the traditional categories of Gold (10), Silver (15), Bronze (9) and Value (3).

Prices for Gold games will decrease by 15% from the previous year while prices for the remaining categories will increase on average 12%.

The team is currently making 500 season tickets available to “Blue and Gold Club” members and will make individual game tickets available for advance sale to pre-existing mini-pack subscribers this week. Mini-Pack subscribers will receive order forms via mail.

Three value games? A more expensive level? This is bullshit. I never heard of a billionaire caring so much about a few measly million dollars in my life. The value of the franchise has something like doubled since he bought it and he has to choke every dollar he can out of the team?

In the long run wouldn't it make more sense to say, lose money for a few years, while you and most of hockey believes you have the talent to compete and win the Stanley Cup for at least a few years then make money again? ANDDD if you Stanley Cup caliber team and you make it to or past the second round aren't you basically guaranteed to make money any way? Do us a favor Goly and sell to a local boy that is willing to spend to win, even if it means losing (money). pssht Billionaires..

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