Sunday, July 20, 2008

UFC Fight Night 14

UFC Fight Night 14
by AP

Affliction: BannedResults

Rumor: UFC In Process Of Purchasing IFL (UFC is buying up MMA like they were Blockbuster)

'Rampage' Jackson hospitalized for mental health evaluation

UFC 90 in Chicago

UFC on not accepting universal weight classes "We feel as many in the industry feel that the weight classes do not need to be changed. The ABC didn't properly have input with promoters, fighters and officials to change the rules, there is now a Committee formed to look at the rules and work with all the stakeholders to make any rules changes whcih should be done at the next ABC meeting in New Orleans next year" UFC exec answers questions

Affliction could become MMA heavyweight

The secret's out:Fedor's the best MMA has

Where Have All the Heavyweights Gone?Affliction, for now

Fedor wins WAMMA crown

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