Thursday, July 31, 2008

MLB trade deadline

by Steve

(this shit is going to be updated all day son)

Jason Bay to the Red sox Manny Ramirez to the Dodgers, prospects to Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh gets 3b Andy LaRoche, RHP Bryan Morris, OF Damien Moss, and P Craig Hanson. Manny Ramirez average with RISP is .307 while Jason Bay's is .216. Bay has played in obscurity in a non baseball market in a hitters ball park. He goes to arguably the hungriest baseball city in America. He has never played in the playoffs, he hasn't hit .300 since 2005 and strikes out a lot. The red sox got raped in this trade.

Manny is the most feared batter in a long time and probably the best post season player of the past 15 years. The red sox didn't just give up Manny they gave up prospects too. True, Moss is a middle of the road at best corner out fielder and Craig Hansen hasn't done much but he is only 24. They pay Bay $7.5 next year also. The Dodgers are now the favorite in the West and didn't have to give up Loney, Ethier or Kemp! Bryan Morris is a former first round pick and surviver of Tommy John surgery. It will be a long time for him to make any type of impact in the majors. Andy LaRoche, brother of Adam, could break out but at age 25 hasn't shown much power throughout his five years in the majors.

Griffey to the White Sox for RHP Nick Masset and 2b Danny Richar
Griffey is in significant decline and headed for FA in 2 months. He was in a rut and probably didn't have much reason to play out the rest of this season. The experiment in Cinci was a bust, they didn't make the playoffs, and he continued to be injured. He is an all time gamer and hopefully he does something to propel the Chisox to the post season. Masset and Richar are mediocre players but both have major league experience. Masset could be an asset in 08. (had to do it)

Arthur Rhodes to the Marlins for Gabby Hernandez
Again, the Mariners aren't going any where and thus don't need the wily vet Artie Rhodes so trade him. Hernandez is still young but struggling mightily in AAA. The Marlins get another lefty for the bullpen and don't give up too much. Decently solid trade for both ball clubs.

Ivan Rodriguez to Yanks for Kyle Farnsworth
Pitching for hitting? Yikes.. Ivan is deteriorating faster than my compost pile out back, actually even faster than George Posada. "He is a contact hitter" .295? Not making a real lot of contact. 5 dingers 32 rbi wha? Who is going to fill the set up role? Bruney, Marte, Edwar? Why do the Yankees continue to destroy their bullpen, their strong point at the beginning of the year, to try to improve mediocrity in other facets of the team? The real reason I have a problem with this is because it doesn't help Detroit AND the Yankees were better with Molina behind the dish. True he can't hit for shit but no one runs on the dude and there is nary a passed ball or lapse in defense. The pitching improved with him and the team was actually winning.

Mark Teixeira to Angels for Kotchman and RHP Marek
"Tex" is overrated. He is a surprisingly great fielder (even though it is first base and there shouldn't even be a gold glove for the position) and he can rake. Braves had to make this move since they are moving no where fast in a moderate NL East and are in 4th place. Teixeira is going to be a free agent after the season and will cash in big time. The move helps protect Vlad, but now the Braves own Kotchman's rights until 2011. He has only played 2 full seasons and has major upside still. Tex has a lower average, only 8 more dingers but 24 more rbi's. Is that just a product of where Kotchman is in the order? If the Angels win the WS it will quickly silence any criticism but if they don't this was a terrible trade, period.

Casey Blake to the Dodgers for Carlos Santana and Joe Meloan
Dodgers needed to solidify the infield and the Indians aren't going any where. Blake has had a solid year and following conventional wisdom will only improve moving to the NL. Santana could be a baller behind the dish in a year or two but how many catchers do the Indians need? Meloan is an end of the rotation guy still in AAA (24 years old)

After 4pm today, the Waiver deadline is Aug 31 (player must pass through waiver [no team picks up his contract before going to the minors] and then a player can be traded)

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