Friday, July 18, 2008

Mediocrity never cost so much

by Steve

Ryan "Millsie" Miller just signed 5 years ($31.25mil) $6.25 mil per?!?! Holy shittttttt. Thank god we had a lock out. Dude choked in two consecutive ECF series', had all stars all around him, but oh wait it was the defense's fault not the top 5 paid goalie. Interesting...

He is now the fourth highest paid goalie in the National Hockey League. He makes more than Mikka Kiprusoff. The same sickrusoff that took a team to the Stanley Cup in a superior conference. He makes more than Giguere, Turco, Brodeur, Dipietro, and Nabokov.

Miller's stats for 07/08: 6th in wins, 20th in GAA (minimum 41 games played), 25th in save % (minimum 41 games played), 4-7 in shoot outs, do I need to continue? For those that wanna know though, this does not effect the Sabres 08/09 cap number zilch. He is signed for this up coming season at $3.5 mil.

Hometown discount? Unselfishness for a cup run? I guess not... But in reality for the most part unless your team is close that won't happen in sports any way. Plus the hemorraging of players had to stop for this organization. No one is going to fire Regier or Ruff anyway, especially after July 1 2007, OBVIOUSLY. But someone else had to be locked up long term. And I guess over paying for Vanek just wasn't enough for good ol' Darc/Quinny.

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